Somerset was recently invited by the government to submit a proposal for local government reform. Two proposals have emerged:

Stronger Somerset (2 councils, East & West Somerset; submitted by the 4 district councils)
One Somerset (One unitary council for all Somerset; submitted by Somerset County Council)

You can click on the links above to find out more about the proposals, including how they project to affect Somerset residents.

Both would mean large changes to many key elements of our day to day lives – what services are provided, how they are provided, what oversight is in place (or isn’t), what happens to your taxes, where decisions are made, whether you are consulted, where investment goes… the list is long.

In this critical matter, the council cannot make a representation that would accurately cover all residents and their opinions – but we strongly urge you to have your say – there is open consultation for comments until April 19th – read more online at the government consultation hub here and this link will take you directly to the questionnaire to give your opinions.

The council has also been given promotional information from both proposals campaigns, but in order to allow a level playing field, they will not be posted here. If you would like more information on either, please contact our clerk at

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