The Parish Council (TPC) is responsible for providing representative feedback on all planning applications made for the Parish of Trudoxhill.

The Process:

  • Planning Application submitted to Mendip District Council (MDC)
  • Mendip send TPC notification and link to application on MDC Planning Portal
  • Details are circulated to all Councillors by the Clerk
  • Application is added to the agenda for the next TPC monthly meeting (1st Thursday of every month). The agenda is posted publicly on noticeboards and onto this website.
  • If the deadline for feedback is before the next meeting, the Councillors discuss via email
  • A few days prior to the TPC monthly meeting, an email is sent round to the village mailing list, letting everyone know what applications are being discussed.
  • Each councillor reviews the documentation prior to the meeting.
  • If a Council member has an interest in the planning application (for example, it is an application for their property), it is declared at the start of the meeting and they must leave the room whilst the matter is being discussed.
  • At the TPC monthly meeting, there is time at the start of each session for any objections / comments on planning applications to be made.
  • When the application is discussed by the council, members of the public may be invited to respond to questions from the Councillors.
  • The council have 3 options.
    • Recommend Approval
    • Recommend Refusal
    • Refer to Mendip Planning to make the decision
  • The councillors vote on which recommendation to put forward to Mendip and request any additional comments that are required.
  • The clerk minutes the decisions and manages the communication back to MDC.

See also further information about Large Scale Planning Permission Applications.


What to do if you have comments or concerns about a planning application

  • Write a letter to Mendip quoting the application reference number. Copy in the Parish Council.
  • Add a comment on the planning portal
  • Attend the Parish Council meeting at which the matter is being discussed.