The government has issued a code of recommended practice for parish councils with a turnover not exceeding £25,000.

The clerk has a copy of the ‘The Transparency Code’ for Smaller Authorities which the TPC (Trudoxhill Parish Council) abides by. All the financial information is published online and all monthly expenditure is recorded on The Minutes. The code just asks for expenses over £100 to be recorded. A spreadsheet is also published in the “account section”.

The following financial details show the information required.

The clerk will provide updates but if any parishioner would like more information or a copy of the code, then please contact the clerk.


Notice of Public Rights 2018/19

Accounts 2018-19

Explanation of Variances

Annual Governance and Accountability (AGAR) Return part 2

AGAR 2 exemption


TPC Audit timeline 2017-18

Notice of public rights 2017-18

Accounts 2017-18

Expenditure 2017-18

AGAR (Annual Governance and Accountabilty Return) 2017-18


Audited Annual Return 2016-2017

Accounts 2016-2017

Expenditure 2016-2017

Annual Return 2016-2017


Accounts 2015-2016

Annual Return 2015-2016


Audit details (Sent to Grant Thornton, the official auditors. Only contains relevant pages from the return.)