Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1 August 2019, 7.30pm

Present:               C Kenyon (Chair)(CK), C Bonham Christie (CBC), C Galpin (CG), D Francis (DF), S Salmon (SS), D Valentine (DV)

                                M Gay (Ward Councillor)

                                Members of the Public

Clerk:                    R Nield

19/18 Apologies:

R Masson-Taylor (holiday).

19/19 Disclosure of Interest:
CBC – agenda item 19/21.2, SS – planning application under 19/25.

19/20 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, CK signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Meeting suspended for:

Members of the public comments:
CK explained that the Council would suspend the meeting for comments from the Public but that anyone wishing to speak about planning applications would be given the opportunity under item 19/11.

  • Michael Gay reported on his activities and busy schedule representing Postlebury. He advised that TPC would be consulted about its aspirations and plans for the Parish which will then be taken into consideration as part of the Mendip local plan
  • A parishioner spoke about the impact of the proposed changes to the service provided by the Devon and Somerset Fire service. These could be considerable for this area. CK thanked the member of the Public for sharing this with the TPC and asked that he email his points to the Parish Council

19/21 Planning


Application Number: 2019/1573/FUL, Applicant: Mr Symes, Proposal: New equestrian facilities, placement of mobile home beside stables, new garage with home office, extension of smokery.

RESOLUTION: After discussion, Councillors voted unanimously to approve the proposal.


CBC left the meeting.

Application Number: 2017/2814/FUL, Applicant: Mr C Bonham Christie.

Councillors were asked to consider amendments that had been received in respect of this application.

CK asked that the amendments be outlined for the benefit of everyone at the meeting by the applicant’s business partner. The applicants had provided full plans for public scrutiny at the meeting.

9 members of the Public spoke against the planning application. 1 resident asked for assurance about the activities planned on the land nearest her property. Concerns raised included: visual impact, light pollution, traffic implications and noise.

It was explained that Mendip District Council take the final decisions on planning applications and that TPC were one of the statutory consultees. Councillors would take all comments into account when making their observations to Mendip. TPC had been asked to comment on the amendments to the application. It was noted that these would be improvements.

RESOLUTION: Councillors accepted the amendments. For x 4, Abstain x 1

19/22 Correspondence and Emails

CBC returned to the meeting.

Notice has been received of a temporary road closure of Kingsettle Hill, Brewham to carry out emergency repairs to the bridge structure. This is from 15 July 2019. The work is expected to last for 54 days.

19/23   Finance

19/23.1 Expenditure in July was as expected.

19/23.2 Accounts for payment:

  • £100            K Gale for July grass cutting
  • £25               SALC, DF councillor training
  • £97.50         Mendip District Council, election services
  • £140.12      Clerk’s salary

It was resolved to ask K Gale to quote for cutting the grass in the Chapel area (RN).

19/24   Reports
19/24.1 Highways. SS reported that a hanging branch had been cleared and that there are cones out on Gare Hill highlighting the repairs needed on edge of road. SS to bring the issue of cars coming down Cheese Hill and the potential danger at the corner to the attention of Highways.

19/24.2 SpeedWatch. SS thanked Bill Stafford for his work and gave an update on what had been happening. Some speeding continues to be recorded.

19/24.3 Fundraising Events. This item will be carried forward to the next meeting as RMT was not present. The Village Hall has been booked for the October event and CBC reported that progress is being made.

19/24.4 Truespeed meeting. CG reported that there had been a presentation in Nunney Village Hall. Truespeed are a high speed broadband provider and offer fibre cable direct to homes. The company is looking to cover Nunney and Trudoxhill areas and require signup from 30% of available households for this to be viable. Installation is free and cost is expected to be in the region of £47 per month. Truespeed have offered a short presentation before the next Parish Council meeting in September.  It was resolved that they be invited and this be publicised (RN)

19/24.5 Village Hall Committee. An event was held on Monday 29 July when Councillors and the current Village Hall committee were present to explain the situation and what involvement on the Village Hall Committee involves. There was a good attendance by local residents and a positive response to the call for new people to become involved. More than 12 people have expressed willingness to take on roles, either individually or shared. CG has spoken with the current Village Hall committee and there will be a meeting between outgoing committee members and new volunteers shortly with the purpose of having new people confirmed in roles by the next meeting.

19/24.6 The Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations

CG confirmed that he has tasked Moson Solutions as previously agreed by TPC but has no update as yet.

19/25 Other Business referred to the Clerk

  • A concern had been emailed in regarding the obstruction of traffic in Bunns Lane when deliveries are being made to a business there. It was resolved that the owner be contacted about this issue and discuss how this can be prevented in future (CBC)
  • Fence repairs. DF has had a quote for repairs to the Community Garden play area. The quote included a concrete post, fence and new gate at a cost of £1,050 with a 20 year guarantee. It was resolved that further quotes be obtained (DF)
  • Planning Application number 2019/1702/HSE. Mendip District Council made a request after the Agenda had been published that this be considered by TPC.

CK proposed that the Council consider this, CG seconded the motion. Agreed unanimously

Because of the short notice given to TPC, Councillors did not feel they had enough information to comment. They noted that any proposal should be sympathetic to the surrounding area. It was resolved that the decision would be left to Mendip planning department

19/26 Date of the next Parish Council Meeting

This will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 5 September 2019 in Trudoxhill Village Hall.

 For the attention of Mr C Kenyon, Mr C Bonham Christie, Mrs D Francis, Mr C Galpin, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D ValentineMendip District Councillor for Postlebury Ward:  Michael Gay

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