DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on the 5thApril 2018

PRESENT:      P.Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes, D Valentine

                         Dist. Cllr. D. Skidmore

5 members of the public


CLERK:           Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES   Dist. Cllr. P Ham


Declaration of Interest: None

12.0 The Minutes

PT signed off Feb + March Minutes. Clerk corrected Numbering on March Minutes which should have been 11. not 10.

Meeting suspended at 7.35 for:

Members of the Public Comments

PT was given the Community Speed Watch report which stated that there are now 6 volunteers and that during Feb/March 11 drivers have been reported to the police. CSW signs have been ordered and will be erected. Sessions have lasted less than an hour with 60-70 vehicles passing during that time. With lighter mornings some ‘rush hour’ sessions are planned. All Cllr’s expressed thanks for the hard work and effort put in by the group and the enews letter will report the positive results and try to encourage more parishioners to join the team. A parishioner had been woken early by a Hopkins lorry passing outside the house and had phoned to complain. The person to whom she complained then tracked down the driver, who lives at Kilmington and was using the village as a short cut. He had spoken to the person and the problem has been resolved. The Clerk will write to thank the company for their swift action on our behalf and express our appreciation of their support. If the noisy manhole needs replacing, SS will chase up with Highways.

12.1 Planning 

Application No: 2018/0315/FUL. Demolition of an existing dwelling and outbuildings and erection of replacement dwelling. The Yew Trees, Foghamshire Lane, Trudoxhill. Mr & Mrs Wareham. All Cllr’s felt that the present house was in a poor condition and the replacement would be preferable. The planned materials are sympathetic and the design attractive. There are no conditions attached to the dwelling. PT asked for a vote which was to Approve the Application and was agreed by all Cllr’s.

District Councillor Skidmore updated TPC about Marston Pond Planning Application 2017/2814/FUL for which there is still no decision despite the date of 14th Feb given on the MDC planning site. Both parties involved had agreed to allow more time for a decision with the Case Officer requesting additional information. He suggested it may be May before a decision is agreed and SS asked if it would go to the Planning Board. DS confirmed this was the proposal. The Clerk asked if he could raise the issue of lack of information on the Planning portal as she had several parishioners asking what was happening. Could there not be a simple space added for a brief comment on the reason for the delay in the decision process. Obviously not for minor issues but there have been several large and contentious planning applications over the past few years in the parish where deadlines had been missed and no explanation provided. He would discuss our concerns with the planning team.

12.2 Past Subject Matters

12.2.1 Parish Clean up – postponed because of weather. New date set for Saturday 21st April Arrangement as before and CG will redo posters/flyers. Cllr’s will then arrange for distribution to parishioners.

12.2.2 SID. Cllr’s discussed the pros and cons of the system. SS felt that it had provided statistical information that justified police action on speeding and that Speed Watch was effective but was based on volunteers who may not always be available The cost of 2 uses of SID as before would mean an outlay of £400 which all felt was expensive and our budget is so small that it is difficult to justify. It was agreed to delay the decision until the balance sheet for this year was available to look at demands on finance for the coming financial year. The Clerk will write to ask if we can ‘opt in’ at a later date.

12.2.3 The Clerk had written to the General Secretary of the Congregational Federation in Nottingham to explain the concern expressed by parishioners about the repairs needed to the Chapel. A reply has been received saying that the matter would be followed up and the TPC will be informed of progress.

12.3 Correspondence

PT read them out and planning meeting power point information was available should any parishioner wish to receive copies. Connor Construction. The Clerk had written to Bradley Gammond on behalf of the Council but received no report. She had spoken to another Enforcement Officer, Simon Snartt, who informed her that he had left and that it would be best to re direct the letter to Daniel Foster, Principal Planning Officer as the request we had made for a planning audit would be under his remit. SS asked that we pressed on with this issue. Cllr Skidmore felt that the initial planning application for houses may be amended. Community Speed Watch–request for contribution to be decided when the budget is discussed.

12.4 Accounts

12.4.1 K Gale – Grass cutting – £100.00

12.4.2 MCT – Bus subsidy – £49.93

12.4.3 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

12.4.4 V Hall rental (Friendship Café) – £21.00

12.4.5 V Hall – yearly rental for TPC meetings – £153.00

12.4.6 HMRC – £79.80

Sovereign direct debit – playground – £17.99

12.5 Items to Report:

12.5.1 Website. CG and DV reported back about the training session they had had with Mats which was useful and informative with ideas to enhance the site for discussion at a later date. Community involvement needed

12.5.2 Fund Raising. PT had explored the idea of a film evening but the set up costs made it not viable. Sponsored cycle ride?  Sponsored events – JS to talk to Graeme Barry who is now an Events Promotor. Fund Raising dinner – DV to investigate. Short talks (in restaurant of White Hart?) by local parishioners who have interesting careers/experience. Clerk and SS to pursue.

12.5.3 Broadband. CG has sent off a list of interested parishioners to Open Reach. Ongoing updates will be presented as other options occur.

12.5.4 Maintenance. Grit bin for Gare Hill delivered and put in place by JS who loaded all the salt from the car park of the pub and placed in bin. If residents wish to re position either of the two bins in the area, they can do so at any time after talking to CK.

12.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

12.6.1 New Audit arrangements. Clerk issued details and informed Cllr’s that a parishioner, Lucy Carter, who is an Accountant with Mulberry’s, has volunteered to complete the Internal Audit. Thanks to her for this. All relevant information will be posted on line at required times during the process.

12.6.2 SALC – should there be a Cllr responsible for liaison? To be decided at next meeting. Advice on the General Data Protection Regulations is to wait for further information/clarification. CG echoed their opinion that it is mainly targeted at much larger organisations than Parish Councils. We will check old lists and users and delete as appropriate. Mail Chip used for the enews is secure.

12.6.3 Annual Parish Meeting 7.00pm Thursday May 3rd. Clerk issued last year’s End of Year Summary for Cllr’s to update and return to her by 20th April. Annual Council meeting then held at 7.30pm. PT asked Clerk to check if any District elections are due which may affect the use of the Hall.

12.6.4 PT has received a letter from Cllr Angela Steele who is resigning from her role after the May meeting. Clerk updated TPC on process and will issue a check list and start the election proceedings. He had also received a letter sent to all Cllr’s from the Clerk to inform the TPC that she will stand down from the post from July. After 5 years in the role and personal plans for more travel, she will leave the post but continue to support the induction of a new Clerk if needed. The Chairman, PT, announced that he will not standing for re – election as Chair at the May meeting because of his own business commitments. This allows Cllr’s time to consider nominations for the post before the meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 25th April 2018 please.

The Annual Trudoxhill Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 3rd MAY 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.00pm


For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine and District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham

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