Minutes of meeting held on 5th July 2018

PRESENT:     D Valentine (Chair) C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, J Symes, P Twigger

                           + C Bonham Christie (newly elected)

                            4 members of the public

CLERK:           Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES: Dist. Cllr Skidmore &r Ham

Declaration of Interest:


3.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, DV then signed them off as a true copy.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

A parishioner asked if present parking arrangements at Gregg’s had been approved when MDC granted general permission. This was confirmed as well as sight/approval of the application to vary the delivery condition to allow 24hr access. There was concern that lorries are causing an obstruction by parking on the narrow road to Nunney. It appears that there is construction work at the garage which may be causing a temporary problem. SS will monitor. An overhanging branch was reported as a potential problem on road by Mulberry House SS will follow up with owners of land. Co-opting of Cllr. TPC had read the application from Charlie Bonham Christie who was then proposed by CG and seconded by SS. A vote was taken with all Cllr’s Approving the Co-option. Charlie was invited to join the formal meeting and all paper work issued with the Acceptance of Office signed. A Declaration of Interest form was issued and once completed, Clerk will forward to MDC.

Meeting resumed at 7.50pm

3.1 Planning None

3.2 Previous Subject Matters   

3.2.1 Advertising Boards off the A361. After complaints from several parishioners, CK had check the

situation and reported that legally all signs needed planning permission if on Highways land/verges and the

Clerk had found no record of any permissions being sought. The TPC wish to support local businesses and would advertise them in eNews/website but need to be objective in asking for all local businesses to be aware of planning restrictions. PT has liaised about this and an informal approach will be made to those it concerns. Clerk was asked to write to the owner and ask for his cooperation in ensuring all his tenants are aware of the need for express consent. To be monitored in the August meeting.

3.2.2 Maintenance updates. DV thanked Clare Midgley for overseeing the issues with the Community

Garden. The annual RoSPA report had identified minor issues but is safe to use. Matt Brown and Silas

Midgley have volunteered to do small repairs and were thanked for this. PT asked if we could include a

‘thank you’ to Jewson’s in the Your View to acknowledge their contribution of free fence panels. The large

stone from the wall near the old phone box was still an issue. Highways needed a date and time

of the incident to confirm it was caused by their contractor when erecting the road sighs. Unclear who

owns the wall. SS will check with the new people who will shortly take over the White Hart. PT is

researching most suitable silicon to use to stop the Millennium Stone disintegrating. Matter in hand.

3.2.3 Broadband. CG explained about progress after the Voneus presentation. They plan to hold a

‘drop in’ event in the pub with a possible leaflet drop and will make a one of donation off £250 for every 50

people who sign up.BT quote extended and ongoing. 75% grant is limited. CG has reported updates on

eNews emailed to parishioners.

3.2.4 Chair rote – to be displayed on notice boards and website. Roles and Responsibilities of Cllr’s to be

reviewed at next meeting in light of co-option of CBC who has filled the space left by AS’s resignation. DV

explained he had also received a resignation letter from JS who is stepping down because of business pressures. He was thanked for his efforts and hard work over the years. The Clerk has started the co- option process again for another parishioner to join in August. She has been approached by someone wishing to stand and will provide more details as the process continues.

3.3 Correspondence

All considered. The adverts for Marston Church events had been put on boards/eNews and will go on Your View. Thanks from organisers of Mendip Community Speed watch for our generous donation of £i00.

3.4 Accounts for Payment

3.4.1 Grass cutting –Kev Gale – £100

3.4.2 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

3.4.3 MCT – April -£66.92 / May – £75.16

3.4.4 Mendip Community Speed Watch- donation for 2 signs – £100

3.4.5 Village Hall 3 x Friendship Café Hire – £66.00

3.4.6 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

Direct debit Sovereign playground maintenance – £17.99

Fund Raising Account – P Wacey (work on fence in Community Garden) £45.00.

Playsafety RoSPA report – £79.81

3. 5  Items to Report:

3.5.1 Bus Report. JS said he had written and submitted a review of the year but was concerned that with such a small usage (1 or sometimes 2 parishioners at the most) it was not viable to continue to support it. He was resigning but did not feel the usage merited applying for another grant. Cllr’s agreed and Clerk stated that the Somerset Community Grant awarded last year (£770) would run out at the end of June with still July for the TPC to fund. It was with regret that all Cllr’s decided to withdraw from the scheme and the Clerk had raised this possibility with Michael Gay (Wanstrow PC). She will now write to confirm and he will inform MCT and the 3 other parties involved.

3.5.2. Highways. SS summarised the Speed Watch reports. 14th June – 74 tracked/no offences;

21st June –116 / 4 offenders; 28th June 120 – no offenders. SS and JS, who is a volunteer, said that it appears to be working. A 4.30 – 5.30pm slot on a Friday evening would be a prime time for a session soon. Bill and Pauline Stafford thanked for their continued hard work and reporting.

3.5.3 Your View. DV issued suggested list of contents and time scale for delivery date of Aug 15th to parishioners. Clerk pointed out that it should be a forum for parish wide contributions and not just come from the TPC who give up time for the parish already. DV will ask for a wider input in the Aug edition. He has invited Ann Harding to submit an article on behalf of the Village hall asking for support and ‘new blood’ to instigate new events/uses of the Hall. DV had attended their AGM and presented a brief summary and Balance Sheet.

3.5.4 New Clerk appointments. Clerk had been advised by SALC that as there were some confidential aspects to discuss that this section should be in closed session and so will be covered in private (3.6.3). Once ratified, details will be announced on the eNews/website.

3.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

3.6.1 Insurance renewal. Clerk has researched other quotes which she explained briefly and has been provided with a lower premium by over £120 than the one taken out with Zurich last year. It was from conversations with the Clerk at Holcombe who recommended contacting Came & Company. She will send out all details to Cllr’s and contact Zurich for their renewal figure. Cllr’s will then decide in August

3.6.2 Final issues outstanding for new Clerk. Al issues arising from previous Minutes have been completed but the issue of repairs to the Chapel needs to be monitored over the next month and the Insurance decision taken.

                                           The public section closed at 8.35pm

3.6.3 CG/SS reported from the interviews for the new Clerk. A copy of this discussion is kept on file       

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 25th July, please.

The August 2018 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm Thursday 2nd  in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Chairperson will be Cllr Valentine. 

For the attention of Mr D Valentine, Mr C Bonham Christie, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Mr J Symes, Mr P Twigger

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham


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