Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 4th October 2018

Present: C Galpin (Chair), C Bonham-Christie, P Twigger,  D Valentine, R Masson-Taylor
                          4 members of the public
Clerk: Emma Curtis
Apologies: Received from S Salmon, C Kenyon


Declarations of Interest:
None received

6.0 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, CG signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the

Meeting then suspended at 7.40pm for:

Members of the public comments:
A lady requested support from the Parish Council for the planned children’s Christmas party.  She confirmed that the process had commenced in organising the party and outlined the proposed running of the event.  The time and date of the event was confirmed as Sunday 16th December 3.30pm – 5.30pm.  Council resolved to set a budget of £200.  The lady confirmed that the event would finish with carols outside the pub at 6.00pm.  It was concluded to add the event to the November agenda for a progress report.  Clerk to add to November agenda.

The meeting resumed at 7.50pm

6.1 Planning

6.2 Past Subject Matters
6.2.1 – It was noted that the repair works at the Chapel had still not been completed.  The Clerk stated that she had followed the matter up after the last meeting and was told that the contractor would be chased up.  It was resolved that the Clerk would continue to chase the matter and forward any response to Councillors.  Clerk to follow up regarding the Chapel

6.3 Correspondence and Emails
All correspondence was considered.  In regard to Marston View it was agreed to resend the Council’s response to Planning Officer James Udell. Clerk to resend response to Planning Officer.  Despite a number of training courses being provided by SALC it was felt the current budget would not cover any further training at this time.  PT provided an in-depth review of the recent PACT meeting and explained the crime statistics and fluctuations which occur throughout the year.  Crime figures were noted.  RMT confirmed that a Christmas Fair had been organised to raise funds for the Village Hall on Saturday 1st December.  He explained that planning for the event was in motion and detailed what the event would entail.  The provision of a temporary alcohol license was considered and it was agreed that RMT and CBC would liaise to arrange for the temporary license for the Village Hall.  RMT pledged to help fund the event but appealed for donations of raffle prizes and silent auction items.  RMT confirmed an advert would appear in the Frome newspaper and it was agreed to produced flyers and posters to advertise the event.  It was agreed to add the event to the November agenda for a progress report.  Clerk to add to November agenda.

6.4 Finance
6.4.1 Data Protection Fee: The Clerk confirmed that as a Data Protection Controller the Parish Council were required to pay an annual £40 fee and a cheque had been prepared for signing.

6.4.2 Confirm receipt of current financial statements dated 30th September 2018: Councillors noted receipt of the statements and new financial spreadsheet.  The Clerk confirmed that this would be a monthly agenda item to ensure transparency and governance of Council funds.  DV asked if the spreadsheet could have grid lines so it was easier to read, this was agreed.  CG confirmed that a donation of £1,000 had been received and commented the Council were extremely grateful to the donor.  CG reported there was an issue with the banking signatory mandate and that SS would resolve this once back from her travels.
6.4.3 – The following payments were approved and signed by two banking signatories:
Grasscutting – Kev Gale – £100
Clerks Wages – £121.10
Clerks Mileage – £20.70
Data Protection Fee – £40
SALC Councillor Training – £75
Village Hall Friendship Café – £22.00

6.5 Items to Report
6.5.1 Highways and Speedwatch Reports:  CG updated Councillors via a report prepared and submitted by SS.  The Clerk confirmed that Speedwatch reports had been circulated prior to the meeting.  PT reported that the repair garage continued to be annoyed with the lorries at Nunney Catch roundabout.  It was agreed to report this back to SS to follow up.
6.5.2 Litter Pick: PT confirmed that he had arranged for the pub to supply coffee on the morning of the litter pick.  The best date for the litter pick was considered and it was felt it was currently slightly early so it was agreed to add the item to the November agenda.  However, it was concluded to hold the litter pick on a Saturday.  Clerk to add to November agenda.

6.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk
6.6.1 VAT: The Clerk confirmed that the Council were eligible to reclaim VAT, however, having looked at the past year’s invoices, it was currently not worth the effort for £7 but that up to three years’ worth of VAT could be reclaimed.  CG stated he had received old invoices from the previous Clerk and it was agreed that the Clerk would search through these and reclaim any VAT amounts of benefit to the Council.
6.6.1 Cranborne Chase AONB: As requested the Clerk had drafted a letter to the AONB.  This was duly signed by the Chairman.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm

The November 2018 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 1st November in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Chairperson will be Cllr Salmon.   

For the attention of Mr D Valentine, Mr C Bonham-Christie, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Mr P Twigger and Mr R Masson-Taylor

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham


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