DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on the 1st February 2018


PRESENT:          P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes, D Valentine

4 members of the public

CLERK:               Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:     District Cllr’s P Ham and D Skidmore.

Declaration of Interest:


10.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT signed them off.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

Angela Yeoman and Jane Norris, as Churchwarden and Assistant, updated the TPC on the work at St Leonard’s Church, Marston Bigot explaining about the restoration of the stain glass windows and plans to hold a Flower Festival. There is no date at the moment but they will submit a piece in Your View to raise awareness and an enewsletter can be sent to parishioners when the date is agreed. SS thanked Mrs Yeoman on behalf of all parishioners for her continued hard work. The church now has running water and so teas will also be available in the better weather. A parishioner expressed concern again about the poor structural state of the Chapel and asked if the Council could write again to see if there was insurance to get the repairs completed. Clerk will do this.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm


10.1 Planning 



10.2 Past Subject Matters

10.2.1 Website. A document covering the management and responsibilities associated with the website which was produced and circulated following a meeting between the Clerk and Mats (Moson Solutions), was discussed and the main recommendations were agreed. The Clerk stated that she felt it was essential to pay a professional ‘webmaster’ so that the Agenda and Minutes could be posted efficiently.CG and DV would meet with Mats to discuss future plans and to receive some training. Cllr’s could then take on more responsibility for the updating of the News/Events and Calendar sections. It was agreed that the contents and format of the site should be discussed and reviewed The Clerk would add to the Agenda for March.

10.2.2. Parish Spring Clean. This is to tie in with the country wide event as last year. Clerk would forward template for this to CG who would prepare the flyers/posters. JS has the equipment and AS would organise the bacon butties and coffee for 10am as is the tradition (and very good too!). Clean up to start at 10.30 on Saturday 3rd March. CG to send copy to Richard for Your View and Clerk would ask Rod and Jen Lewis to add the ‘posters to the poles’. Clerk will organise distribution of flyers and all Cllr’s agreed to help where required.

10.2.3 Your View. DV had emailed reminders to bodies for copy to be sent to the editor, Richard Brooks, so that the newsletter can go out mid-February to include the clean-up advert and updates on Broadband. AS will contact Dean Silvester, who as Chairman of the Village Hall committee has photographs showing the Hall floor being replaced. Another Footpath walk is planned and CG will forward the article from John Salmon before the deadline.


10.3 Correspondence

All considered. PT listed them. He then read out the latest Connor Construction letter received from Dan Foster, the Principal Planning Officer, In which he accepts the concerns about the timescale for reaching a conclusion on taking formal enforcement action as a justified complaint. He has asked Bradley Gammond, the Senior Enforcement Officer, to review the case and it is anticipated that the Council will reach a conclusion on these matters during the week beginning the 5th Feb at the latest. The Clerk will monitor and follow up if no such response is received.


10.4 Accounts for Payment

10.4.1 Moson – website – £64.50

10.4.2 MCT – Bus subsidy – £52.41

10.4.3 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

10.4.4 V Hall rental (Friendship Café) – £21.00

10.4.5 SALC – New Cllr training (from June) – £25.00

10.4.6 Somerset Association of Local Councils Affiliation fee – £111.47

Sovereign direct debit – playground – £17.99

Fund Raising Account – Cllr Galpin – Christmas Crackers for party – £10.50.


10.5 Items to Report:

10.5.1 Maintenance. PT has repaired fencing in Community Garden but it need to be professionally repaired/some panels replaced. He has received a quote to use feather boarding to give a more substantial result but at over £1000 this is far too expensive. It was agreed that PT and JS in particular would look at the job and purchase materials with the hope that a group of volunteers could complete the task. JS will ask for help via Your View and it was suggested that a wire fence could be erected rather than wood as it is at present. PT and JS will follow up and report at the next meeting. CK had asked for a grit bin to be purchased for Gare Hill and this was agreed. Clerk would order and ask for delivery to JS who will then liaise with others about the most suitable position.

10.5.2 PACT meeting. PT had attended and he summarised the report presented by the PCSO. The issues of speeding and demise of SID were discussed and the Clerk will copy and post the report on the main Trudoxhill notice board.

10.5.3 Village Hall. AS had attended their meeting and the final cost of replacing the floor has increased by £2600 because of water seeping under the floorboards. There had been discussion about the run off from fields and vents have now been fitted. The stage is yet to be reconstructed but will be done and all Cllr’s remarked on how good the final result is. Guttering will need to be replaced.


10.6  Other Business referred to the Clerk

10.6.1 Current financial positon. Clerk gave a summary of expected expenditure to the end of this financial year. It is anticipated that we will have a small surplus of £250 similar to previous year. There was some concern that we do not have any contingency savings. The Clerk stated that since she took over, and from records, there has never been a large contingency fund. Some discussion about this followed and it was agreed that it would be opportune to try to organise some fund raising events over the next few months. DV will lead this but all Cllr’s were asked to think of potential ideas and bring them to the next meeting. CG thought that a discussion about the budget and potential spending would be appropriate at the start of the new financial year to be better prepared when the next precept demand if received. Clerk will add to the Agenda in May.


Meeting closed at 8.35pm


All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 21st February 2018 please.


The next Trudoxhill Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 1st MARCH 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine


District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham

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