Trudoxhill will be hosting its first ever Village Fair to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its Parish Council on Monday May 3rd from 2pm

Trudoxhill Parish Council was formed in 1950 when it was decided to separate the parish from that of Nunney.  The Village Fair has been organised by volunteers and will take place in and around Trudoxhill Village Hall.

The fair will be opened by Mary Hemmett, who sat on the Parish Council in the early years, and it will include an exhibition of parish history, stalls, a dog show, plus children’s activities including tug of war, a fancy dress competition and much much more.

Trudoxhill stores 1950
Trudoxhill Store in the 1950’s

“We have all pulled together to make this an excellent event, just as the community would have done back in the 1950’s,” said Mr Lewis, current Chairman of the Parish Council.

“We hope that people from Witham Friary, Nunney and other surrounding villages will come and visit to share their stories of how parish life was back then.”

Parishioners are hoping the fair will prove so popular it will become an annual event.

Back in the 1950’s the residents of Trudoxhill were a close-knit community who were born and bred in the locality.  There were 27 working farms within the parish – mainly dairy and some pig farmers.

At that time daily needs could be met within the parish – unlike today.  Three shops provided bread, cakes, milk and provisions together with the Post Office and the coal depot.

On special occasions the bakery’s bread oven was used to cook extra large turkeys. Other items were provided by delivery vans including butcher, fishmonger, fruit and vegetables, sweets and haberdashery.

Twice a week a taxi arrived and took anyone who wanted to into town.  About this time the local coach company ran parishioners into Frome on a Saturday evening for the cinema or the theatre.

Sixty years on, the natural centre of Trudoxhill remains the White Hart Inn where the three main roads through the village converge.

On the day of the fair the White Hart, known for its famous pies, will again be at the heart of the community adding a BBQ to its existing menu options.

Although things have changed over the last 60 years the integrity of the Parish and village life remains the same.

On the afternoon of Sunday 2nd May and to start the celebrations there will be a cricket match at Witham Friary between Witham Friary Cricket Club and a select team from Trudoxhill.

Issued by Trudoxhill Parish Council.  For further information please contact Rod Lewis on 01373 836848.