Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 4th April 2019, 7.30pm

Present:           P Twigger (Chair), C Galpin, C Bonham-Christie, C Kenyon, D Valentine, S Salmon
Clerk:              R Nield
Apologies:       R Masson-Taylor

Declarations of Interest:

12.0 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, PT signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the

Meeting suspended at 7.32pm for:

Members of the public comments:

  • Michael Gay introduced himself as a Green Party candidate in the forthcoming local elections
  • R Skidmore confirmed that he will be retiring as District Councillor
  • Tom Sheppard attended in case they were any questions relating to planning application 2019/0390/FUL at his property

The meeting resumed at 7.35pm

  1. Planning
  2. Application No: 2019/0390/FUL

Applicant: Mr T Sheppard

Proposal: Demolition of existing building; erection of building to accommodate 2 holiday cottages

Location: Nutty Coppice Farm Millards Hill Trudoxhill Frome BA11 5DW

On the grounds that the proposed development would be an improvement to the existing structure and good for the local economy, CG proposed that the application be approved. This was carried unanimously.

  • Application No: 2019/0441/FUL

Applicant: Westlea Holdings Ltd

Proposal: Proposed mixed use of the land as a restaurant and a hand car wash with associated alterations to access and parking arrangements at Location: The Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant Ridgeway Nunney Frome Somerset BA11 4NX

Discussion highlighted issues that are not addressed by the planning application in its current form. These included: entry and exit points, the proposed use of the site in relation to garage and consequent traffic implications, drainage and staff welfare facilities. It was proposed that the application be refused. This decision was unanimous.

12.2  Past subject matters

12.2.1 The Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations

GC reported that the date for compliance is September 2020. GC proposed that this item be brought back to the Council in 3 months. Agreed.

12.2.2 Fund Raising Event

SS advised that she and RMT have agreed to meet on 24th April to discuss this further. Other councillors are welcome to take part in the meeting and SS asked that any ideas for the event are forwarded to her.

12.2.3 Death of a Senior Figure

CG recapped ideas that he had circulated by email. Ie. Due to cost implications, a flagpole would not be necessary, a book of condolence may not be necessary for such a small parish, the relevant edition of ‘Your View’ should be edged in black. It was agreed that respect would be shown and details to be finalised at a future meeting. It was agreed to determine what plans the church have for this event.

12.3   Correspondence and Emails 

12.3.1 Nunney Catch Parking. SS reported on a meeting with Yogender Jha and Steve Robson from Euro Garages and CG at the site. They discussed the problems and were able to observe the issues. It was a constructive meeting. Euro Garages are aware of the issues and supportive of putting in yellow lines to prevent parking on the verge. The current entry/exit arrangements are not safe or satisfactory. SS has asked for a meeting with the Highways department. SS to liaise with Nunney Parish Council to increase pressure on Highways to act.                                       

12.3.2 Somerset Waste Partnership – CG confirmed that the rubbish collection dates will be shared on the web site.

12.3.3 Housing Need Survey – councillors have responded.

12.3.4 PROMISEworks – registered charity working with children and vulnerable adults. It was agreed to advertise them in ‘Your View’ and online.

12.3.5 Local Authority Publicity Code – this has been circulated and RN confirmed that TPC has adhered to the sections relating to Parish Councils.

12.4   Finance

12.4.1 CG confirmed little change in the finances from March and that all expenditure had been kept within budget.

12.4.2 Accounts for payment:

  • Village Hall re Friendship Café £22 and Parish Council meetings £184.20. Total £206.20
  • Parish Clerk (salary) £140.12
  • P Warden (footpaths) £250
  • K Gale (grass cutting) £100
  • Somerset County Council (Somerset WW1 Memorial Wood) £75

12.4.3 Financial End of Year

CG advised on the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) and shared a timetable of necessary preparations. A copy of the balance sheet for Trudoxhill Parish Council will be circulated ahead of the May meeting and presented at the Annual Parish Meeting. Information will be displayed with Minutes on the Parish website and notice boards.

12.5   Items to report

12.5.1 Highways – SS reported that potholes out of the village and Froghamshire Lane have been repaired. Potholes can be reported by anyone online.

12.5.2 Footpaths – CG confirmed that all footpaths in the Parish have been checked and all faults reported to Somerset County Council. CG thanked Paul and Nicky Warden on behalf of the TPC for their efforts.

12.5.3 Keep Britain Tidy – Great British Spring Clean. Approximately 25 volunteers turned up to collect circa 20 bags of rubbish. TPC thanked Angela and Richard for providing a delicious and hearty breakfast again this year to sustain the volunteers. CG and DV will write up the event.

12.5.4 Your View – next edition. DV confirmed that the next edition will be June/July and asked for input.

12.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

12.6.1 To agree procedure for chairing TPC meetings – changes to the Chairperson to be noted on any relevant minutes in future.

12.6.2 Ownership of village hall building. PT outlined the situation. The Village Hall sits on land on 99 year lease from the Wareham family but ownership of the building is unclear. It is believed to be held in trust for the community. This is to be investigated further.

12.6.3 MDC new website. For information, RN flagged up that MDC have a new website.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm

The Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Friday 10th April 2019 in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Annual Council Meeting will follow at 7.30pm.

          For the attention of Mr D Valentine, Mr C Bonham-Christie, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon,

                                                   Mr P Twigger and Mr R Masson-Taylor                                     District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham 

Upcoming Events
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Sunday Teas at Marston Church @ Marston Church
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