Thursday 5 September 2019 at 7.30pm at Trudoxhill Village Hall

19/27  Apologies

19/28  Disclosure of Interest

19/29   Minutes of the last meeting

To approve minutes of last meeting

Meeting to be suspended for the Public to speak for 2 minutes on any relevant issue.

District and County Councillors may give short verbal reports on matters affecting the Parish

19/30   Planning

To consider the following planning applications and comment

19/30.1 planning application 2019/1830/FUL

Applicant: Mr Chris Whitten

Proposal: Erection of a summer house (retrospective)

Location: Prospect Cottage, Gare Hill Lane, Trudoxhill, BA11 5EY

 19/30.2 planning application 2019/ 1702/HSE

Applicant: Mr R Gill

Proposal: Erection of 2 storey extension and single storey conservatory

Location: Sparrowtrees, 61 Smithwicks Lane, Marston Bigot, Frome, BA11 5BR

Decision notice has been received. Decision: Approval with conditions

19/31   Correspondence and Emails

19/31.1 Email received regarding Minutes of August meeting. (CG)

19/31.2 Road closure. Station Road from the railway bridge on Station Road and Burts Hill, southwards for a distance of 1100 metres. To enable Network Rail to fit missing bridge chevrons on both elevations. The works are expected to last for 1 night (23:00-05:00) on 7 September 2019.

19/31.3 Planning 2019/0441/FUL. (SS)

19/31.4 Witham Friary Parish Council report that trees on Gare Hill are overhanging the road. They have have been reported to the land owner for action and this has been acknowledged by the land owner.Witham Friary Parish Council wanted to inform Trudoxhill Parish Council about this as part of Gare Hill falls within their parish.

19/31.5 Testing of 5G in rural communities. (CK)

19/31.6 Books in telephone box

19/32  Finance

19/32.1 To present current financial statement

19/32.2To present accounts for payment

19/33  Reports

To receive reports or updates on:

19/33.1Highways (SS)

19/33.2SpeedWatch (SS)

19/33.3 Fundraising Events (RMT/CBC)

19/33.4Village Hall (CG)

19/33.5 GDPR (CG)

19/34  Other Business referred to the Clerk

19/35   To confirm date of next TPC meeting as Thursday 3 October 2019

All members of the Council are summoned to attend the meeting as detailed above to discuss and resolve the business on this Agenda.   

Rachel Nield: Clerk to Trudoxhill Parish Council       

For the attention of: Mr C Bonham-Christie, Mrs D Francis, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D Valentine, District Cllr Michael Gay