Friday 10 MAY 2019 at 7.00pm, Trudoxhill Village Hall

PRESENT:                C Galpin, S Salmon, 6 members of the public

CLERK:                      Rachel Nield



CG welcomed everyone to the 2019 Annual Parish Meeting and thanked them for attending.

8.0  Apologies

C Kenyon, D Valentine

8.1  Minutes of last Annual Parish Meeting

CG read the minutes from the 2018 meeting and signed these as a true record.

8.2  Matters arising from those minutes 


8.3  Chairman’s report to include a Summary of Achievements

CG read out the the report of Parish Council activity over the last year. This, together with the report provided by SS on Highways and Speedwatch are attached.

8.4  Review of Yearly Accounts

CG issued the income and expenditure balance sheet for the year to 31 March 2019. Expenditure has been kept in budget and CG explained that the balance brought forward was greater than anticipated. One factor contributing to this is that the post of clerk to the council had been vacant for some months. The amount available has been increased by an anonymous donation of £1000.  

8.5  Precept for 2019/2020


8.6  Comments from the Floor

G Blackshaw expressed her thanks to the Parish Council members. Having worked with the Council for many years, she didn’t think that the community generally is always aware of the work that goes on in its interests and expressed appreciation for everyone’s time and commitment.

8.7  Concluding remarks

CG thanked G Blackshaw for her comments and thanked all parishioners who attend the meetings and for their ongoing support. He concluded that the Parish Council will continue to work for the Parish and deliver services and initiatives on budget.

The meeting closed at 7.23pm. The next Annual Parish Meeting will take place May 2020.

For the attention of: Mr C Bonham Christie, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D Valentine – Trudoxhill Parish Councillors                                        


CLERK:Mrs Rachel Nield, Cricket Farm, Millards Hill, Trudoxhill, BA11 5DW


Chairman’s Report May 2019

Councillors are pleased to report the following:

  1. The Community Garden. This continues to add a welcome provision for our younger parishioners with the play equipment. TPC maintains the equipment through regular inspections for wear and in the interests of health and safety.
  • The Parish Clean Up. has continued with another successful Litter Pick as part of the Great British Spring Clean on 23 March. The weather was kind and approximately 25 volunteers turned up to collect circa 20 bags of rubbish. Angela and Richard provided a delicious and hearty breakfast again this year to sustain the volunteers which was very much appreciated. Thanks go to everyone involved on the day and to all parishioners who regularly pick up rubbish around the Parish and keep it looking good and litter-free.
  • Highways. Road surfaces in the Parish have been a constant issue and are monitored on a regular basis and damage reported. Response and repair times vary, however urgent problems have been dealt with very swiftly by the Highways department. Small scale resurfacing has taken place on Cheese Hill to Iron Mills Bridge and will be carried out on Foghamshire lane
  • Speedwatch. Thanks to the sterling work of our dedicated SpeedWatch couple, Bill and Pauline Stafford, the constructive work of speed awareness and reduction has continued over the past year on a regular basis. However they cannot continue alone. Another couple are in the process of registering to join SpeedWatch and, with luck, we will have three teams in the near future. The more volunteers we have, the more work that can be done to decrease speeding through Trudoxhill village   .
  • Parish Plan. This continues to be monitored and prioritised by the TPC.
  • Parish footpaths. Paul and Nikki Warden have continued their good work for another year, monitoring and maintaining our local footpaths, including clearing 75 stiles and gates for which they keep a comprehensive record. Many thanks to them for their hard work. Major faults are reported to the Rights of Way Officer and are repaired either by SCC contractors or by the Ramblers Association. Many thanks also to parishioners living near footpaths who continue to clear and maintain them annually. In October 2018 and April 2019 enjoyable walks around the local footpaths have taken place under the guidance of John Salmon. This year’s walk was the most ambitious so far following, as far as possible, the parish boundary and covering around 10 miles. Thanks to John for organising this.
  • Parish Communications. Cllrs Galpin and Valentine now share other duties such as updating Facebook, posters and flyers and the former sends out the eNewsletter, now using Mail Chimp. Richard Brooks, a parishioner, continues to edit Your View, our quarterly newsletter which is printed by Nev Dean, another local stalwart, for distribution to all dwellings in the parish. Many thanks to all who support this long-established parish initiative.
  • Financial. After a tender exercise, Kev Gale has been awarded the village grass-cutting contract for another 3 years. A monthly budget has been introduced to assist in monitoring the financial position during the year to make councillors aware of any potential surplus or deficit when it occurs. Following the move of Jen Lewis, preparation of annual accounts and payroll is now undertaken by Cllr Galpin.
  • Planning Applications. Between 1 May 2018 and 1 May 2019 there have been 21 planning applications submitted for the Parish. These were all considered by the Parish Council and recommendations sent back to Mendip District Council.
  1. Broadband. Following research and initial contacts with a number of broadband providers, two potential possibilities emerged: asking BT to upgrade the cabinet in the village to fibre or Voneus providing a fixed wireless connection. To provide the maximum benefit to the Parish at least cost, Voneus was the best solution. Despite various delays and technical challenges, most properties in the Parish now have the option to sign up to a fast internet service.
  1. Events and Fundraising. The Parish Council recognises the value in holding events as these both raise money to use for the benefit of the Parish and are great ways to engage residents of the Parish and generate a sense of community. In addition to the Litter Pick and Parish walks this year, the annual Christmas carols outside the White Hart were well supported. Our thanks to our homegrown musicians for getting everyone into the spirit of the Christmas season. Another event that proved extremely successful was the Christmas Fair in the Village Hall.  There were approximately 25 stalls with a popular mulled wine brew and mince pies served by Richard Moore.It was well attended and people commented that it was nice to see the local community coming together. A total of £2001 was raised for the Village Hall. The Parish Council funds the annual Christmas children’s party which is held in the Village Hall. Attendance at the 2018 event was the best to date and resulted in the party meeting all its costs for the first time.

TPC intends to build on these in the coming year and has other events planned for the community.

  1.  The Village Hall. A new floor was installed in 2017 and the Village Hall continues to provide a community service. Regular events such as the Friendship Café take place to offer recreation and support to our parishioners. The TPC would like to thank all members of the Village Hall committee for their work this year and in particular to the Chairman this year; John Harding. John kindly stepped into the role unexpectedly and will now be leaving as Chairman. The Village Hall committee is in need of new members and would be glad to hear from any parishioner who would be prepared to be involved.
  1. Gare Hill. The road signage (coming down the Hill on the corner by the postbox) was upgraded this year. A new salt box has been installed on the Hill and the salt box at the corner house has been refilled but is not registered with Highways. This will be addressed. The telephone box is also on the agenda for the coming year. It needs painting and windows replacing and perhaps furbishing with a small library. Cllr Kenyon will organise volunteer days and lead this initiative. The Parish Council Notice Board in Gare Hill needs the plastic window replacing which will be resolved.
  1. Council Administration. This has been a year of major change. Our three most experienced councillors (Cllrs Steele, Symes and Twigger) and our long-serving Parish Clerk; Georgie Blackshaw have all stepped down. Many thanks to them all for the splendid service they have given the Parish.

The recruitment of a new Parish Clerk has proved challenging. Our first appointee resigned through ill-health after 3 months but we are now very pleased that Rachel Nield has taken over and has made the job her own. Many thanks to Rachel!

Cllrs Masson-Taylor and Bonham-Christie joined the Council but there is a vacant position to be filled.

To improve involvement from all Councillors, the Chair is being rotated – normally every two months and that has proved successful over the last 12 months.

MAY 2019

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