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NEWSLETTER   August 2017

Dear Parishioners

The next instalment to the ongoing repairs and work at Marston Church


Church Roof – As you may all well have seen the main roof has been finished, we are now in talks about redoing the vestry roof as this is in need of urgent repair before the winter comes


Church Windows – We are still undergoing the process of funding for the windows, nothing has happened since the last newsletter.


Church Cramps – Again we are still undergoing trying to get grants as this and the windows is going to be a very costly job. We will need a lot of support and we are in talks with the HLF, the decision should be made by December to find out if we have been lucky enough to be chosen to receive funding for this. The approximate cost for this work is £160,000


Church Water – We are planning on brining water into the vestry, Mr & Mrs Sanderson are kindly allowing us to tee into the water pipe that goes across their land and dig across there paddock to the back wall, we will then go under the wall and then enter the vestry in the corner. We will have to fit a sink, this will enable the church to make teas and coffees so we can hold small functions there. Ester the lady who lives below the church has kindly said that we can tap into her septic tank for the waste.

You may have noticed that we have cleared the down pipe on the vestry and cleared the access for the water to drain away, there was a huge root blocking the pipe going across to the soakaway.


Church Bathroom facilities – We would also like to have a toilet in the church, this will make it very user friendly and encourage people to hold tea parties in aid of the church and more fund raising events there.

Angela Yeoman, Jane Norris & John Leach



And grateful thanks to all who have donated

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