Reopening Trudoxhill Community Garden

Following the latest government advice and guidance from the Association of Play Industries, we will be opening the playground with the following restrictions:

Only two households can use the community garden at a time. If the garden is busy, please come back a little later.

If you have any covid-19 symptoms or should be isolating following advice that you have been exposed to covid-19, please do not enter the community garden.

All children must by accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please maintain 2m social distancing between members of different households.

Please don’t eat or drink in the garden at this time.

Please use hand sanitiser frequently when using the playground, especially before and after touching any metal surfaces.

And as always, no dogs please.


We have performed a risk assessment and identified high touch areas. These areas will be disinfected by 10am each day. This will not make the playground safe. You need to be responsible for making sure your children use hand sanitiser, wash their hands at home using soap and water before and after visiting the garden, and avoid touching their faces.


We’re a small community so we have the luxury of being able to offer a level of protection much higher than that in larger areas. We have ordered a lockable box with a combination padlock and will be providing disinfectant to clean the equipment before and after use. If used correctly, this should considerably reduce any risk of anyone becoming infected by a piece of contaminated playground equipment. To be given the keycode you will need to sign an agreement saying that you are aware of how to safely use disinfectant and that you won’t share the top secret combination code with anyone. This may feel like overkill, but it keeps the insurance company happy.

Please don’t attempt to use your own disinfectant on the play equipment as it may invalidate our warranty with the manufacturer.

If you are shielding and would like to use the playground before the lockable box arrives, please contact Clare Midgley Jewitt at and we can arrange to drop off / or you can collect some playground safe disinfectant, cleaning cloths and disposable gloves.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made suggestions for how we could safely open the garden. There have been hundreds of pages of documents and advice to read to get to this point and we’re really grateful for everyone’s support.

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