Trudoxhill Parish Council

Parish Plan Review Monday 1st August 2016

Present: Jon Symes, Sheila Salmon, Chris Galpin

Roads and traffic action plan. Page 7.

Investigate possibilities for footpaths in the most requested areas/Review parking provision and implement changes to make problems areas clearer/Consider starting action to limit the size of vehicles travelling on minor roads in the parish.

  • Councillor Salmon is in continuing discussions with SCC Highways regarding the possibility of traffic calming measures in Trudoxhill village. This has been hindered by changing personnel at SCC meaning repeated meetings covering the same ground and little progress to date
  • No Action to date. Assessment of parking options required.
  • Councillor Salmon has discussed with SCC Highways and has been told that size limits are impossible to enforce, as in practice distinction cannot be made between vehicles travelling to destinations in the parish and those passing through.

Environment and culture action plan. Page 9.

Invite parishioners to establish clubs and societies or actively promote existing ones/Explore ways to better involve yound people in Parish issues/Continue to development of village playground (Community Garden).

  • Regular activities already taking place include Keep fit, China Restoration, Mother & Toddler group, Floral Art, Dog Training, Whist Drives and W. I. Community Coffee Mornings and a Friendship Café are being trialled.
  • A Footpath walking group is being formed.
  • Investigate what young people want. Investigate VH facilities
  • We are very thrilled at the wonderful fund-raising effort which has provided the children’s playground.

                                              Employment and business action plan. Page 11.

Consider improvements to local job information resources/Investigate the provision of high-speed broadband to the area/Develop support for home workers and small businesses, including training and services.

  • Investigate the possibility of advertising local jobs on the website
  • Wireless broadband system has been investigated, but the provider folded. The Connecting Devon and Somerset voucher scheme has been featured in Your View and parishioners encouraged to sign up for a collective fibre connection.
  • Support for homeworkers is dependent on the broadband speed and use of website. Investigate use of website as a business information portal.

                                                     Housing action plan. Page 13

Ask MDC for litter pick support and signal interest in affordable housing/Be vigilant for development proposals involving green field sites and oppose where necessary/Review methods and schedules for hedge and verge maintenance to ensure they are effective.

  • The Last 2 litter picks have been very successful, with good support from residents. More planning of resources on the day will target problem areas. On-going – PC will signal requirement for affordable homes when any development proposal becomes known.
  • Scrutiny of planning proposals is on-going.
  • Schedules for hedge and verge trimming are out of our control and are determined by SCC Highways. Investigate the possibility of local action to trim around dangerous junctions and road signs being undertaken by local residents. Check insurance position.

                                         Communications action plan. Page 14.

Continue to publish Your View and noticeboards posters regularly/Update website more often/Consider ways of  improving effectiveness of emails and letters, or exploit other communication channels.

  • Your View is continuing under a new editor and notice boards are updated regularly.
  • A new improved website has been developed thanks to a grant and is maintained regularly.
  • Website and Notice boards regularly updated. Other communication channels kept under review.

The Plan will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Next review due 1st November 2016.

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