Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 3 October 2019, 7.30pm

Present:           C Kenyon (Chair)(CK), C Bonham Christie (CBC), C Galpin (CG), D Francis (DF), D Valentine (DV)

                        M Gay (Ward Councillor)

                        Members of the Public

Clerk:               R Nield

19/36 Apologies:

R Masson-Taylor (RMT), S Salmon (SS)

19/37 Disclosure of Interest:

19/38 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, CK signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Meeting suspended for:

Members of the public comments:
Dr Andrea Dexter introduced herself as the Green Party Constituency candidate. She outlined briefly the need for changes to be made at a local level of government and her intention to work with all communities to ensure that the people in Somerset will thrive in the future.

Cllr Michael Gay reported as follows:

  • Connecting Dorset and Somerset (CDS) have terminated the agreement with Gigaclear. The result is that CDS propose to restart the process and will undertake research and marketing again
  • There are vouchers to help get better broadband available and opportunities for communities to apply for vouchers of £1500 each
  • TrueSpeed have enough people signed up to provide a service to Batcombe and Wanstrow. CG will contact TrueSpeed for an update on the situation regarding Trudoxhill
  • Cllr Gay attended a Zero Carbon seminar recently. Various alternative power sources were discussed. Cllr Gay was pleased to share that Wanstrow, Witham Friary and Trudoxhill are already ahead of some areas with initiatives in this area
  • End of year finances for Mendip District Council are still to be shared. As a member of the audit board, Cllr Gay continues to monitor this
  • Cllr Gay will be working with the Finance Officer at Mendip because of proposed cuts to the budget next year
  • Planning application, 2017/2814/FUL is due to be considered at the November meeting of the Planning Committee
  • Appeals against the decision approving the proposed creation of a car wash at Nunney Catch will not be heard. Cllr Gay will continue to pursue this with the Environment Officer because of the concerns around drainage and local concern regarding the traffic implications. Cllr Gay will be meeting with local residents and will send a report back to the Director of Euro Garages. TPC to confirm which TPC councillors will attend
  • An application to extend the opening hours of Greggs at Nunney Catch has been received. Any objections can be submitted until 13 October

19/39 Planning

19/39.1 Application Number: 2019/1889/FUL, Applicant: Christine Coles, Matthew Ayres. Proposal: construction of 2 x day rooms. Location: Marston View, Marston Bigot, Frome BA11 5DB

CK outlined the application, read out an email received from a resident in support of the application and pointed out that some objections had been submitted to Mendip District Council. CK gave his observations following his inspection of the site and invited comment from councillors. After discussion, it was resolved to approve the application. For: 4, Leave to planning department: 1

19/40 Correspondence and Emails

19/40.1 Amendments to planning consultations paperwork. The form for returning comments on planning applications has changed. Objections have to be clearly identified by building materials for example.

19/40.2 Notice of SALC AGM. TPC will not be able to attend.

19/40.3 SALC legal advice surgery. TPC did not need to take advantage of this.

19/40.4 Break-ins in Trudoxhill. TPC had been notified of an incident. CK read out an email regarding this to PCSO Amanda Ware and her response. Any member of the community is to be encouraged to report any break-ins and thefts to the Police. It was resolved to share this on the website and in Your View, invite PCSO to a TPC meeting and possibly encourage the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch initiative. RN to invite PCSO and Village Hall Committee representative.

19/40.5 Nunney First School. CK shared the email received from one of the Nunney First School trustees asking for a donation. TPC has very limited funds but it was resolved to invite Nunney First School to take part in the Trudoxhill Community event in October when they could generate some fundraising for their cause. RN to respond.

19/41   Finance

19/41.1 Expenditure in September was as expected.

19/41.2 Accounts for payment:

  • £100        K Gale for September grass cutting
  • £112.17   Annual fees to Somerset Association of Local Councils
  • 250          Postlebury PCC – annual donation to Marston church                                          
  • £140.12   Clerk’s salary

19/42   Reports
19/42.1 Highways. CK shared an update from SS in her absence. She had responded to the local PCSO regarding sites in the parish for targeting speed monitoring and continues to communicate with Highways over ongoing issues.

CK noted that there had been an accident on Gare Hill on 7 September. A report has gone into Wiltshire regarding replacing the chevron there.

19/42.2 SpeedWatch. Best wishes for a speedy recovery were sent to Bill Stafford who is a SpeedWatch stalwart.

Lucy Mills has been carrying out SpeedWatch sessions and reported on 88 vehicles that passed through the village at 30-35 mph. 4 vehicles were reported.

19/42.3 Fundraising Events.

Cheese & Wine event. This is postponed.

Community Day 26 October. CBC reported that everything is on track for this. Tickets are available for each event during the day and posters have been printed and distributed. The event has been advertised by flyer, and E-letter. It is hoped that all residents will take part in at least one event during the day as the day offers something for everyone. Tickets to all events are available from the White Hart or at the door, tickets for the raffle are available through the White Hart or on the day at the village hall. It was resolved that CG would laminate a poster to post around the village and E-letter reminders would continue to go out.

19/42.4 Village Hall Committee. CG reported on the recent Village Hall Committee meeting he. He was impressed by the progress that has been made in such a short time.

19/42.5 Parish Online Mapping. CG reported positively on the online training organised by SALC. It is a very useful tool for sharing information and offers multiple uses for plotting parish information such as footpaths, grit bins etc. The annual fee for subscribing is £60. It was resolved that CG will sign up to the 1 month free trial and report back.

19/42.6 Zero Carbon Training. CG reported back on the recent presentation at Mendip District Council. MDC has declared a climate emergency. Councils at local level are encouraged to show support and look at greener, sustainable options in their area. TPC could register its support and include this in the parish 10 year plan. Cllr Gay added initiatives happening in other parishes locally such as Sustainable Witham and Sustainable Wanstrow and One Planet in Bruton. It was resolved to add this to a future TPC agenda.

19/42.7 Your View. DV is compiling the next edition for publication in November 2019. He reported on material already in hand and requested more from other councillors. A Litter Pick for the Autumn to be added.

19/42.8 Fundraising for the playground. DV confirmed that 8 people were trained originally. The regular inspections have been carried out predominantly by one person to date but 4 others are willing to do this. The current training certificates are out of date and DV has been investigating quotes for a refresher course. Parish funds are limited. Resolution: RN to check the requirements with the insurance company. RN to apply for funding support from MDC as suggested by Cllr Gay.

19/42.9 Christmas Carols/Party. Provisional date set as Saturday 21 December – TBC. Budget agreed of £200 for the children’s’ party. It is hoped that this will at least break even as last year. CBC will organise flyers. More details will be confirmed i.e. Musicians, Christmas Tree.

19/42.10 Litter Pick. There was a well-supported Litter Pick in Spring. CBC suggested that another Autumn event be organised. Suggested date: Saturday 16 November.

19/43 Other Business referred to the Clerk


19/44 Date of the next Parish Council Meeting

This will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 7 November 2019 in Trudoxhill Village Hall.

Thanks to CK who finished his tenure as Chairman. CG will take up the position of Chairman. For the attention of Mr C Kenyon, Mr C Bonham Christie, Mrs D Francis, Mr C Galpin, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D Valentine, Mendip District Councillor for Postlebury Ward:  Michael Gay

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