Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5 March 2020, 7.30pm, Trudoxhill Village Hall

Present:           C Bonham Christie (CBC)(Chair), D Francis (DF), C Galpin (CG), C Kenyon (CK), R Masson-Taylor (RMT), S Salmon (SS), D Valentine (DV)

PCSO Ryan Mockeridge, members of the Public

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

20/85  Apologies

Cllr Michael Gay (Postlebury Ward Councillor)

20/86  Disclosure of Interest


20/87  Minutes of the last meeting

Cllr Gay had noted the following corrections to the minutes of the February meeting:

  • Sara Davis, not Sarah
  • The solution for the parking is bollards and yellow lines, but the question is where to put the yellow line, so as not to export the problem elsewhere
  • The car wash has already been approved but the applications for canopies and a mobile building was to be heard at Planning Board

The minutes were then signed by the Chairman.

The meeting was suspended for the Public to speak for 2 minutes on any relevant issue.

District and County Councillors may give short verbal reports on matters affecting the Parish.

  • Fly-tipping. A resident reported 2 cases of fly-tipping and asked if the Parish Council would support an application for CCTV. PCSO Ryan Mockeridge advised that the most effective response is to report all incidents to Mendip District Council (MDC). Fixmystreet is an app that is free to download to any smartphone and is a direct means to report fly-tipping, potholes or any other issues requiring the attention of MDC. Reports can still be made via the MDC website.

It was agreed that reporting to MDC be advertised in Your View and via the TPC website.

  • Cllr Gay’s Report.

2019/2587/FUL Canopies and mobile building for hand wash at Nunney Catch

This was heard at planning board, referred directly by the officers, who had recommended approval. While the Board did not refuse approval, they did accept comments made by myself and TPC. Accordingly, the following have been put in as conditions (my thanks to councillors and residents who put forward their comments and advice)

Soft Landscaping (Pre-occupation)

No occupation shall commence until a soft landscape scheme has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority showing details of all trees, hedgerows and other planting to be retained; finished ground levels; a planting specification to include numbers, density, size, species and positions of all new trees and shrubs; and a programme of implementation.

Reason: To ensure the provision of an appropriate landscape setting to the development in accordance with Policy DP1, DP3, DP4 and DP7 of the Mendip District Local Plan Part 1: Strategy & Policies 2006-2029 (Adopted 2014).

Surface Water Drainage System (Pre-commencement)

No development shall commence until a surface water drainage scheme for the site, based on sustainable drainage principles and an assessment of the hydrological and hydrogeological context of the development, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme shall include a programme of phasing, implementation and maintenance for the lifetime of the development and subsequently be implemented in accordance with these approved details.

Reason: In the interests of providing a satisfactory level of surface water drainage, improving water quality and to prevent flooding in accordance with Policy DP23 of the Mendip District Local Plan Part 1: Strategy & Policies 2006-2029 (Adopted 2014).  This is a condition precedent because it is necessary to understand the drainage scheme in detail prior to any initial construction works which may prejudice the surface water drainage strategy.

Materials – Submission of Schedule and Samples

No construction of the canopies shall commence until a schedule of materials has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The development shall thereafter be carried out only in accordance with the approved details. 

Reason: In the interests of the appearance of the development and the surrounding area in accordance with Policy DP3 and DP7 of the Mendip District Local Plan Part 1: Strategy & Policies 2006-2029 (Adopted 2014).

There will also be a requirement that if the business ceases to trade that the site must be returned to its previous condition, that is, the canopies and building will be removed. Regarding the safety of the structures, I have been assured this will be procured by the officer under the materials section. I have also obtained a statement from Eurogarages that they will not be allowing the projected surface water drainage system to be attached to their system.

The extended hours for Greggs remains on hold, and I will be contacting Simon Trafford, principle planning officer, to understand how that, and issue raised by Mr David Roots and others will be taken forward.

Appointments and Actions

I was very pleased to meet councillors in discussion of local responses to the need for climate action. I hope to be attending the communal meal on March 12th at the invitation of Lois Gumm, and to meet the Village Hall committee at their next meeting on March 26th. I will be attending the next Planning board. In the interim, I would be grateful if you can advise any way in which I can help the Parish Council, residents, and businesses of Trudoxhill.

Kind regards


Michael Gay

District Councillor, Postlebury

Parish Councillor, Wanstrow

07790 950097

20/88   Planning

No applications to be considered.

20/89   Finance

20/89.1 The Clerk presented the most up to date accounts.

20/89.2Accounts for payment:

  • £22          Trudoxhill Village Hall, Friendship Café February
  • £30          SALC, Chairman training
  • £60          Moson Solutions, Annual website hosting
  • £12          Moson Solutions, Email account
  • £140.12   Clerk’s salary for February 2020

20/90  Insurance

The Clerk confirmed that the Village Hall building is not included in the premium currently. CBC raised the question of any possible insurance duplication between TPC and the Village Hall Committee.

It was resolved that the Clerk investigate the current insurance premium and any possible savings

20/91  Litter Pick

It was agreed that the annual Spring Litter Pick would take place on Saturday 4 April.

The following was resolved:

  • DV to confirm with the printer that Your View can be printed in time to advertise this event
  • CK to obtain more equipment and organise refuse bags and collection
  • CBC to bring pickers and fluorescent jackets
  • CG to ask Angela and Richard if they are able to provide refreshments

20/92  Councillor Responsibilities

Councillors agreed to manage the responsibilities held currently by CG.

It was resolved that a discussion on the structure of roles and responsibilities would be scheduled on the next agenda and division of specific roles would be deferred until a new council member is in place.

20/93   Reports

To receive reports or updates on:

20/93.1 Highways. SS reported that the speed of vehicles on Cheese Hill continue to cause concern; particularly to local horse owners.

It has also been reported that cars appear to have been racing in the early hours of the weekend.

PCSO Ryan Mockeridge advised that this would be considered to be anti-social driving and should be reported. The numbers to use are 999 (if there is a danger to life) or 101 (non emergency).

It was resolved to include this in the forthcoming edition of Your View.

Potholes. SS continues to report these as they arise and Highways respond.

20/93.2 SpeedWatch. Bad weather and illness had curtailed activity by the SpeedWatch volunteers in February. SpeedWatch sessions would resume in March.

20/93.3 Village Hall. DF attended the February meeting of the Village Hall Committee. Councillors agreed to maintain close cooperation with the Village Hall Committee. It was proposed that the TPC Chair attend one meeting each quarter and it would be useful to be on the mailing list for the TVH minutes.

It was resolved that CBC would speak with Tom Pace and attend the next meeting.

20/93.4 VE Day/Summer Event. CBC reported that plans are progressing. Clare Midgley-Jewitt is looking into obtaining a grant from the Lottery fund and will report back in March. CBC proposed the purchase of games for the VE Day celebrations and other community events. Grant options to be explored before the TPC consider using TPC funds.

20/93.5 Climate Change. CG that the initial meeting with RMT, CBC and Cllr Gay had been constructive. The outcomes were:

  • The Climate Change group should have community engagement
  • To investigate other local groups already in existence
  • CBC presented the Marston Wildlife project which will run in parallel with the Climate Change group. It will operate to benefit the local area and businesses
  • They would approach local groups such as Young Farmers
  • To hold a meeting in the village hall with a speaker. Hayley Warren and Emma Plumber from MDC are putting together a climate change package and Hailey has said she would be happy to attend and speak

CK attended the same Climate Change meeting in Frome as CG. Both reported interesting information had been available. There is more information on the website.

Somerset Waste Partnership offered to send a spokesman to speak about plans to turn waste to energy.

It was resolved that the website link would be advertised in Your View, that CG and CK would liaise regarding Somerset Waste Partnership and that CG will continue work with the Climate Change group and interests.

20/93.6 Extreme Weather Emergency Plan. RMT explained his concerns around climate change and the impact this has on weather conditions. Voluntary help already provided by local farmers in adverse conditions is hugely appreciated and RMT proposed building on this and creating a structured response to emergency conditions.

Resolution: investigate the plan Batcombe already have in place and RMT to bring a plan to a future meeting for consideration.

20/93.7 Planning Board meeting re Nunney Catch development. It was agreed that the Planning Board at MDC had listened to the concerns raised by the community and Parish Council. As a result, the proposed canopies had been approved but the development was subject to conditions around landscaping and drainage.

20/94   Correspondence and Emails Received

20/94.1 Unauthorised habitation. The site appears to be home to a number of people with several vehicles visible.

 It was resolved that the Clerk speak with MDC planning for guidance on how to proceed.

20/94.2 Parish Forum Development Workshop 10 March. SS confirmed that she would attend.

20/95   Other Business referred to the Clerk

Grit Bin. The Clerk was asked to get quotes for a robust replacement grit bin.

Coronavirus. Councillors raised concerns regarding the support of fellow parishioners during the coronavirus pandemic. For the time being, it was agreed that the government guidelines would be followed.

Resolution: Speak with the Village Hall Committee to coordinate a response.

CG confirmed that Joss would like to attend the April meeting of the TPC to talk about the community events they will be running.

CG had been approached by a member of Nunney Parish Council regarding a change to the current parish boundaries. Councillors rejected any change and agreed that this would require a consultation with residents also.

20/96   Next Parish Council Meeting

The date of next TPC meeting was confirmed as Thursday 2 April 2020.

Closed session for personnel item

20/97  Clerk’s annual review

The Clerk’s employment was confirmed at pay scale 5 of the Parish Clerks’ pay scale for 2020-2021.