Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2 July 2020 at 5pm (Virtual Meeting)

Present:           D Valentine (DV)(Chair), C Bonham Christie (CBC), (D Francis (DF), C Kenyon (CK), S Salmon (SS),

                        Cllr Michael Gay (MG)

                        Tom Pace

                        2 members of the Public

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

20/127  Apologies

R Masson-Taylor (RMT)

20/128  New Councillor

It was agreed to address this item under the open access part of the meeting.

20/129  Disclosure of Interest

CBC declared an interest in item 20/131.2. Application Number 2020/1076/FUL

20/130  Minutes of the last meeting

These were approved as an accurate record of the June meeting.

Meeting suspended to take questions or comments from the Public

A letter of interest had been received from Tom Pace for the position of councillor on the TPC. Tom confirmed his interest.

CBC proposed that Tom Pace be invited to take up the vacant councillor position. DF seconded the proposal.

Councillors voted unanimously that Tom Pace join the TPC as councillor.

RESOLUTION: That Tom Pace be co-opted to the council.

Tom Pace read out his declaration of acceptance and joined the meeting.

Cllr Michael Gay reported as follows:

  • As minuted at the June meeting, MG confirmed that he had looked at the conditions attached to landscaping at the car wash at Nunney Catch. He reported that there is an appropriate scheme that has been signed off by MDC that includes planting and signage. He has asked for confirmation that planting would take place this planting season
  • Report by Mel Usher with SALC regarding the future reorganisation of local council authorities. MG advised that a finished business case should be ready by the end of July and that he would send a link of a presentation with Bruton Town Council for the TPC to see. He will be looking at anything that will affect Parish Councils
  • Planning. Revisions around planning will be taking place. MG recommended that councillors read this to inform themselves of proposed changes
  • As always, MG will be open to all questions

20/131   Planning

  • Decision notice received for 2020/0696/FUL. Permission granted with conditions
  • Decision notice received for 2020/0511/FUL. Permission granted with conditions

To consider the following and agree a response to MDC:

20/131.1  Application Number 2020/1041/FUL

Proposal: A New Access Track for Iron Mills Barn Conversion.

Location: Land At 375684 143026 Millards Hill Trudoxhill Frome Somerset

Applicant: Mr R Lintott Application

Type: Full Application

CK and SS were supportive of the application following a site visit. It was agreed that the application provided the best solution for an access route.

CK proposed that the application be recommended for approval. DF seconded the motion. Councillors voted unanimously to approve.

RESOLUTION: the application to be recommended for approval.

CBC left the meeting.

John Bonham Christie explained the purpose for his application and answered questions from councillors.

20/131.2  Application Number 2020/1076/FUL

Proposal: Change of use of agricultural land (permanent pasture, grade 3) to extend the curtilage residential garden of 17 & 18 Crossways Cottage

Location: 17-18 Crossways Cottage Tuckmarsh Lane Marston Bigot Frome BA11 5BZ

Applicant: Mr John Bonham Christie

Type: Full Application

DF proposed that the application be recommended for approval. CK seconded the motion. Councillors voted unanimously to approve.

RESOLUTION: the application to be recommended for approval.

CBC returned to the meeting

20/132   Finance

20/132.1 The monthly financial statement for the financial year to date had been shared electronically. It showed expenditure to be £1570.00 for the first quarter.

20/132.2Accounts for payment were as follows:

  • £100        K Gale, grass cutting June
  • £ 82.20    Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA inspection of community play area)
  • £120.45   SALC annual affiliation fee
  • £140.12   Clerk’s salary
  • £ 30.00    L Carter, annual audit

20/132.3 End of year accounts. The annual audit has been completed by Lucy Carter. Clerk to share information electronically for councillors to approve at the August meeting.

20/133  Councillor Roles & Areas of Responsibility

After discussion about the format and allocation of specific responsibilities, the following was agreed:  

Charlie Bonham Christie Thickthorn Cottage Marston   07817 361926 Police liaison/Farm Watch Road obstructions/Fly tipping General maintenance Parish plan Event support
Diana Francis Bellevue     Event support Litter picking Footpaths Parish Plan
Chris Kenyon The Thickett Gare Hill   01985 844319 Footpaths Planning Snow Warden
Rohan Masson-Taylor The Old Rectory Events Fundraising Finance
Tom Pace Communications (website) Village Hall liaison Event support
Sheila Salmon Walters Farmhouse Marston Bigot   01373 836217 Highways SpeedWatch Playgroup liaison Parish plan
Doug Valentine Hazelcombe Trudoxhill   01373 837423 Communications Community garden & inspections

Clerk to ask RMT if he is willing to take over councillor responsibility for Finance.

MG added that proposals for non-motorised routes across Mendip were progressing. He noted that having 2 councillors with responsibility for Footpaths in the Parish was positive.

MG to share the content of MDC cabinet papers on this subject and introduce the officer responsible for this at MDC.

20/134   Reports

20/134.1Highways. SS reported on her communication with Sarah Davies from Highways and Nunney residents. A decision is to be made about the positioning of yellow double lines. Costings are expected from Sarah Davies and SS will share these with MG once received. She has met with residents of Hawthorn Villas and will stay in contact. The development at Nunney Catch is on the next Nunney Parish Council agenda and SS will attend.

Situation is ongoing and all sightings of dangerous traffic incidents around Nunney Catch should be reported and evidence passed to MG.

20/134.2 Your View. DV confirmed that the next publication is scheduled for publication the second half of August. All suggestions for content would be appreciated. SS hoped that there would be dates for a Parish Walk. DV was happy to publish a letter received from John Salmon regarding the rewilding and a sustainable green agenda for the area.

20/134.3 Parish Plan. CBC and SS had met to review the Parish Plan. DV proposed that this be an August agenda item to be discussed in detail.

20/134.4 RoSPA Report. The annual inspection of the community playground had taken place in June and the report shared with councillors. DV summarised the findings as the area and equipment being sound with minor improvements and maintenance recommended.

20/135   Correspondence and Emails Received

20/135.1  A letter from Cllr David Fothergill regarding single unitary authority for Somerset had been received. The content was primarily to inform of proposed changes but without detail. Further information is awaited once this is finalised.

20/135.2  An article about re-wilding the Parish had been received from John Salmon. DV will include this in Your View. It was agreed that John Salmon be invited to set up a working group to look at sustainability and the Green agenda within the Parish with other interested parties. Findings and recommendations would be reported back to TPC and feed into the Parish Plan.

RESOLUTION: John Salmon to be asked to set up a working group.

20/136   Other Business referred to the Clerk

20/136.1 DF reported incidents of reckless driving in Bunns Lane by tractors and trucks that have caused vehicles to be run of the road. This appeared to be connected to vehicles entering and exiting business premises in Bunns Lane.

It was agreed that SS will report this to Highways and the PCSO. Also, residents were reminded of their responsibility to report any incident to the Somerset and Avon website together with as much evidence as possible (ie. registration numbers, photos)

20/136.2 Clare Midgley Jewitt had requested that the community playground be reopened following government guidelines effective from 4 July. Clare had submitted a comprehensive plan to support this. Councillors commended the work already carried out by Clare.

RESOLUTION: CK proposed that the playground be reopened from 4 July. This was seconded and councillors voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.

DV to meet with Clare to confirm details of safety measures to be put in place.

20/137   The date of next TPC meeting (virtual) was confirmed as Thursday 6 August at 7.30pm

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