Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7 January 2020, 7.30pm, Trudoxhill Village Hall

Present:           C Galpin (CG)(Chair), C Bonham Christie (CBC) D Francis (DF), C Kenyon (CK), S Salmon (SS)

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

20/66 Apologies

R Masson-Taylor (RMT), D Valentine (DV)

Cllr Michael Gay (Postlebury Ward Councillor)

20/67 Disclosure of Interest

CBC declared an interest in agenda item 20/73.

20/68 Minutes of the last meeting

These were signed as an accurate record of the meeting.

The meeting was suspended for public access.

Cllr Gay sent a report in his absence as follows:

Happy New Year to Trudoxhill Councillors and Residents.

Further to the parking problems at Nunney Catch. the case is now to be resolved by Rebecca Davis, the appropriate SCC Traffic Engineer and she is now seeking to make a site meeting with Tom Jeremiah of Eurogarages. 

Regarding the application for variation of hours at Greggs on the same site, this application has been put into abeyance until many issues relating to the current and previous applications are resolved. Additionally, I’ll have met with a resident who has made a formal complaint about lack of enforcement, Simon Trafford (Principle Planning Officer) and Damon Hooton (Chair of Planning Board) on-site. Mr Trafford accepted that traffic flow on site was ‘chaotic’ and has agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss the applications, and issues arising from how they have been handled, with myself, Damon Hooton, and Julie Reader-Sullivan (Group Manager for Planning and Growth). Whilst a great deal of work remains to be done regarding this issue, it seems that at least the concerns of Trudoxhill PC and its residents are getting more attention. I will keep the Council informed.

Councillors should also keep in mind the Planning Board on 22nd January. Although the Agenda may not be published till the 15th, it is possible that the application relating to Marston Park may be heard at that point, and the PC may wish to review if they want to speak at the meeting, and if so, make arrangements to notify Mendip.

If there is anything I can do to help the PC or residents in the interim, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


20/69 Planning

No new applications to consider but decisions to approve 2019/2589/APP and 2019/2543/APP had been received.

20/70 Finance

19/70.1 A statement was produced for councillors and showed that finances are as projected.

19/70.2 The following payment was agreed:

  • £140.12     Clerk’s salary for December

19/70.3 Councillors discussed the demands on the budget for the next financial year. It was resolved to increase the Parish Precept by £250 in total.

20/71   Reports

20/71.1Highways. SS reported that Highways had responded regarding potholes but not other issues that she had raised. SS will follow up with Highways.

CK gave an updateregarding the bend on Gare Hill. Wiltshire Highways have agreed to fund replacing the destroyed chevron. To replace ” like for like”. The additional cost of a white line and larger or double chevron may result in a request for Maiden Bradley to fund 25% of the additional cost.

TPC could then be asked if they are prepared to make a contribution as the chevron sits on the border.

20/71.2SpeedWatch. After the Christmas break, two SpeedWatch sessions were planned for the week commencing Monday 6 January 2020.

20/71.3 Christmas Party and Carols report. There was good participation at the Christmas Party and Carols. CBC confirmed that a combined total of £166.86 was received from both events.

20/71.4Village Hall. As RMT was unable to attend, this item was deferred to the February meeting.

20/71.5 VE Day/Summer Event. CBC had had initial meetings with Tom (Chair of Village Hall) and Sam (The White Hart) to start planning. The event will be held on Friday 4 May and CBC outlined plans that included stalls, cream teas, games and bands. A section of Foghamshire Road from the pub to the village hall will be closed. More details will follow.

It was resolved that the Clerk forward insurance documents to CBC.

20/71.6 Climate Change. CG reported that the inaugural meeting of this group would be meeting with councillors who have volunteered to work on this (CK, SS, RMT, CBC). CG proposed that the topic would be addressed under the headings recommended by Somerset County Council and that the working group would also be considering water issues in the Parish.

20/71.7 Winter Support for Residents. This item was postponed until the next meeting.

20/72   Correspondence and Emails Received

20/72.1 Notice of resignation. CG has notified Parish Council members of his decision to step down as a councillor at the end of March 2020. All councillors regretted his decision but thanked CG for all his work on the Parish Council and his conscientious efforts to make improvements for the community.

It was resolved that the Clerk advertise the vacancy.

20/73  Other Business referred to the Clerk

  • The Clerk confirmed that a statement of support for the Request to support the Local Electricity Bill (item 19/63.2) had been sent on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • Request received to attend Mendip Planning Board. CBC left the meeting. Councillors discussed the request but felt that having already made detailed submissions to MDC there was no need to attend. However, the case officer’s report would be reviewed and attendance would be considered in the event that the recommended conditions were not felt to be adequate. It was resolved to respond to the request accordingly.

20/74 To confirm date of next TPC meeting as Thursday 6 February 2020 This was confirmed.