Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6 February 2020, 7.30pm, Trudoxhill Village Hall

Present:           C Galpin (CG)(Chair), C Bonham Christie (CBC) D Francis (DF), C Kenyon (CK), R Masson-Taylor (RMT), S Salmon (SS), D Valentine (DV)

                        Cllr Michael Gay (Postlebury Ward Councillor), PCSO Ryan Mockeridge, PC Dave Cohen, members of the Public

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

20/75 Apologies


20/76 Disclosure of Interest

CG read out an email from the office of the Monitoring Officer at Mendip District Councillor clarifying questions around disclosure of interest.

It was agreed that the most recent Code of Conduct for councillors be reviewed at the next meeting.

CG declared an interest in agenda item 20/78.2. He stated that he felt the application by a vibrant, local company would be positive for the area.

SS declared an interest in agenda item 20/78.2. SS stated agreed with the comments made by CG.

RMT declared an interest in agenda item 20/78.1. He stated that the proposed conservatory was to replace the current construction and its design and the materials were in keeping and sympathetic to the whole building.

20/77 Minutes of the last meeting

These were signed as an accurate record of the meeting.

The meeting was suspended for public access.

  • CG welcomed PCSO Ryan Mockeridge and PC Dave Cohen to the meeting. PCSO Mockeridge outlined the area he covered. He explained that there is a Rural Pact meeting every 3 months where representatives from law enforcement meet with councillors and the Public. The 3 priorities that were identified at the last meeting were: Speeding, Poaching and Theft. The Police emphasised the importance of reporting any thefts or suspicious activity – however minor. This data helps inform the Police of patterns of criminal activity and where they focus their efforts. Reports can be made by calling 101 or online.

A member of the SpeedWatch team raised the issue of number plates that are too dirty to read. PC Cohen acknowledged the problem. Police officers do what they can with the resources available but the issue is exacerbated by the weather in winter.

CK asked how to set up a Neighbourhood Watch initiative. PC Cohen advised emailing them or registering interest online.

CG thanked both officers for attending the meeting and keeping the Parish updated.

CG to put a link to the Police reporting site on the Trudoxhill website.

CK to email the Police regarding a Neighbourhood Watch initiative.

  • Cllr Gay updated councillors as follows:
  • Nunney Catch. Due to a change of personnel at MDC, Sarah Davies is now responsible this area. Cllr Gay has been in contact with them regarding parking issues. He was advised that a solution may be bollards or yellow lines, however, positioning of these would need to be carefully considered.
  • Nunney Catch, the garage site. The extension of Greggs opening times will not be considered until other issues at the site are resolved. At a meeting with various parties, it was agreed that traffic flow is chaotic. The proposed car wash is on hold currently as there is no agreement over exit points.
  • Somerset County Council will no longer be repairing finger post signs in parishes due to budget cutbacks. However, they will be running training sessions for anyone wishing to learn how to repair these. Cllr Gay has asked if MDC would host an event. 25 people are required for a session to run. 4 have signed up from Wanstrow but others are needed.
  • The 80 million cap on borrowing has been increased to 160 million. 10 million will be earmarked for MDC to improve its delivery of services by updating software etc. 100 million will support commercial property investment with long, safe leases. 50 million for regeneration (eg. Saxondale). The focus will be on social housing but Cllr Gay asked for any ideas for investment in rural amenities and industries – particularly any green initiatives.

CG thanked Cllr Gay for his ongoing efforts and support for the community.

20/78 Planning

RMT left the room . DV took the Chair.

20/78.1 2020/0120/LBC and 2020/0119/HSE.

Proposal: Erect a replacement conservatory

Location: The Old Rectory Cheese Hill Marston Bigot Frome BA11 5DA

Applicant: Mr Rohan Masson-Taylor

Application Type: Listed Building Consent

Resolution: Councillors recommended unanimously.

RMT returned to the meeting. CG and SS left the room.

20/78.2 2019/2906/FUL

Proposal: Change of use from animal incinerator (Sui Generis) to general industrial (B2) and ancillary shop use (A1).

Location: Wessex Incineration Centre Bunns Lane Witham Friary Frome BA11 5ES

Applicant: Mr Chris Lilley

Application Type: Full Application

Councillors were pleased that a derelict site will be used and the proposed change of use. Concerns raised were:

  • Light pollution – conditions should be imposed on external night lighting
  • Noise – loading and other activity at night should be restricted
  • Traffic – all site traffic should be restricted to the main roads and not permitted through village. The turning from the B3092 onto Bunns Lane needs to be clearer

Resolution: Councillors recommended unanimously that the proposal be accepted with conditions as cited.

CG  and SS re-joined the meeting. CG resumed as Chair.

20/79 Finance

19/79.1 A statement was produced for councillors and showed finances to the end of the financial year. The clerk reported that the agreed precept for 2020/21 had been submitted to MDC in January and receipt had been acknowledged.

19/79.2 The following payments were agreed:

  • £22            Village Hall hire for Friendship Café, January
  • £140.12     Clerk’s salary for January

20/80   Reports

20/80.1Highways. SS reported that repairs to potholes were underway. A resident has asked that signs be put up on Gare Hill to alert road users to the presence of horses. SS to write to Sarah Davis at Somerset County Council to enquire about the procedure for three signs to be erected to warn of this which are on the Somerset/ Wilts border.

Gare Hill chevron – CK advised that a bigger replacement would have to be paid for by parish councils. The salt/grit bin nearest to the main road (A361) is damaged. Clerk to check if this is covered by insurance.

SS – there is a damaged sign on Cheese Hill.

20/80.2SpeedWatch. SS reported that Bill Stafford was back in action and the Trudoxhill SpeedWatch volunteers had been out monitoring traffic through the village. CG thanked Bill for coordinating the SpeedWatch activity and all the volunteers for sustaining SpeedWatch in the village.

The Trudoxhill SpeedWatch team has 6 volunteers currently and PCSO Mockeridge offered to advertise SpeedWatch and the need for volunteers on the Police website. CG thanked him for his support.

20/80.3Village Hall. The importance of supporting the work of the Village Hall Committee and mutual exchange of information was discussed. It was agreed that a representative of the Council would attend each of the Village Hall Committee meetings.

20/80.4 VE Day/Summer Event. CBC reported that initial preparations for the village celebrations on Friday 8 May are going well and he would update further at future meetings. CG encouraged approaching more residents to get involved in the preparations. CBC agreed that this would be helpful as preparations develop. CBC asked for access to the Chapel during the celebrations. Clerk to determine who the keyholder is for the Chapel.

20/80.5 Climate Change. Cllr Gay has kindly agreed to advise the TPC Climate Change Group. CG proposed that all concerned share diaries and set a mutually convenient date.

20/80.6 Winter Support for Residents. RMT outlined the need for an Emergency Plan to support parishioners in the event of severe weather conditions. It was agreed that RMT would present a plan for discussion at a future meeting.

20/81   Correspondence and Emails Received

20/81.1 Climate Change Emergency from Jacob Flint. Information shared with councillors.

20/81.2 Buckingham Palace Garden Party. Cllrs did not submit any nominations.

20/81.3 Letter from Cllr Ros Wyke, Leader of Mendip District Council. Response from Cllr Wyke regarding the proposed local council structural changes.

20/81.4 Mendip Local Plan Part II: Sites and Policies: Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications. CG highlighted that part of the developments proposed for Nunney and surrounding area fall within the TPC area. Clerk to inform MDC and copy in Cllr Gay.

20/81.5 Standards Committee meeting Tuesday 28 January. Councillors did not attend.

20/81.6 Email from M Gay. Shared with councillors for information and update on ongoing planning applications. CG confirmed that TPC had already submitted comments and proposed conditions to MDC and would review the report that would be available before the Planning Board meets.

20/82   Chair Rota

It was resolved that councillors would chair the TPC meetings as follows:

December 2019 January February   Chris Galpin
March April May   Charlie Bonham Christie
June July August   Doug Valentine
September October November   Rohan Masson-Taylor
December 2020 January 2021 February 2021   Diana Francis

20/83   Other Business referred to the Clerk


20/84   Date of the next meeting

The date of next TPC meeting was confirmed as Thursday 5 March 2020

CG stepped down as Chair and was thanked by councillors. CBC will chair the next meeting in March.

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