Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9 December 2019, 7.30pm

Present:           C Galpin (CG)(Chair), D Francis (DF), C Kenyon (Chair)(CK), D Valentine (DV) S Salmon (SS)

M Gay (Ward Councillor)

                        Members of the Public

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

19/54 Apologies

R Masson-Taylor (RMT)

19/55 Disclosure of Interest


19/56 Minutes of the last meeting

These were signed as correct.

19/57 Planning

19/57.1 Nunney Catch Development

Councillors discussed possible options to improve road safety near Euro Garages/Greggs.

Cllr Michael Gay has been unsuccessful in arranging a meeting with Highways (J Bunting) but he is continuing to pursue this.

19/57.2 Planning application: 2019/2587/FUL

Applicant: Westlea Holdings Ltd

Proposal: Erection of canopies to provide cover for the approved car wash facility and stationing of a metal container for use as a staff rest room and storage of car washing equipment.

Location: The Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant, Ridgeway, Nunney, Frome, Somerset

Councillors expressed concern over the accuracy of the site map. Movement of traffic around the site is unclear and there is no clear indication of staff facilities.

RESOLUTION: To request a traffic flow assessment and to leave the planning application decision to the Planning Department.

19/58   Winter Support for the Elderly

Lois Gumm had proposed a providing a meal and CG confirmed that a grant of £250 had been secured from the Somerset Community Fund. Lois Gumm is liaising with J Norris.

Councillors agreed that identifying need is the challenge. J Norris and the Village Agent may be able to help.

RESOLUTION: CG to advertise meal in eNewsletter. RMT to be asked for details to progress this proposal.

19/59    Christmas Events

19/59.1    Children’s Party. Clare Midgley Jewitt has prepared flyers to advertise the event. CBC asked for donations for the Lucky Dip. SS agreed to help with wrapping.

19/59.2    Christmas Tree. The Duke of Somerset’s Estate have donated a Christmas tree to the village. CK has been liaising with them and the tree will be decorated on Sunday 6 December at 2pm.

19/59.3   Christmas Carols. Sam Green-Armytage has confirmed that mulled wine and hog-roast will be available. John Salmon and the musicians will lead carols as usual.

19/60    VE/VJ Events 2020

2020 marks 75 years since VE Day and 70 years of Trudoxhill Parish. There will be national celebrations to commemorate VE Day. The focus will be the bank holiday weekend of 8 – 10 May 2020. It was agreed that CBC will meet with Tom (Chair of Village Hall Committee) to collaborate on village celebrations.

RESOLUTION: CBC to meet with Tom and feed back to TPC. An Events Group should be set up and money earmarked on the budget.

19/61   Finance

19/61.1 The current financial situation was confirmed as in credit and on track with projections.

19/61.2Accounts for payment:

  • £100.10   Trudoxhill Village Hall, Community Day
  • £44.00     Trudoxhill Village Hall, Friendship Café
  • £30          Mosons, Website
  • £126.04   CBC, Community Day Expenses
  • £140.12   Clerk’s Salary

19/61.3 Budget proposal for 2020/21 had been circulated. Councillors discussed projections and any amendments to be made. Final budget to be confirmed at the January meeting.

19/62   Reports

19/62.1Highways. SS thanked Angela Yeoman for her assistance in resolving the flooded road. Highways will be requested to de-silt the drains. John Beatty has been emailed.

CK reported a concrete post in Bunns Lane has subsided. Other reports: chevron down on Gare Hill, pothole near Monksham farm.

19/62.2SpeedWatch. Volunteers have continued to monitor traffic and a new volunteer has come forward.

19/62.3 Parish Plan CG circulated amendments to the Parish Plan. Climate Change is important and needs to be integrated into the plan. CG asked for councillors’ comments.

19/62.4Village Hall. CG attended the most recent meeting and reported good progress. A calendar for bookings is now on the website. Lucy Foster has agreed to take up the role of Secretary.

19/62.5 Grit Bins. CK confirmed that these have been topped up.

19/62.6 Litter Pick. CBC reported the recent Autumn Litter Pick was successful. Thanks to everyone who turned up to help and thanks to Angela Steele and Richard Brooks for the very welcome bacon/sausage butties and coffee.

19/62.7 Climate Change. This is an issue that needs to be included in planning. TPC will be guided by the Somerset Climate Emergency Framework in addition to contribution and support from Mendip District Council. Setting up a working group was agreed and the detail to be decided at the January meeting. CBC asked to present an initiative at the next meeting.

19/62.8 Playground. Nothing to report.

19/63   Correspondence and Emails Received

19/63.1 Consultation: Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments. It was resolved that councillors would send their response to the Clerk to collate.

19/63.2 Request to support the Local Electricity Bill. It was resolved to support this unanimously. RN to send draft statement to CG.

19/63.3 Community Lunch grant application. Lois Gumm to organise an event at The White Hart on 7 January 2020.

19/64  Other Business referred to the Clerk


19/65  To confirm date of next TPC meeting as Thursday 2 January 2020

Clerk to confirm village hall availability in early January.