Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 17 April 2020, 5.30pm, Virtual Meeting

Present:           C Bonham Christie (CBC)(Chair), D Francis (DF), C Galpin (CG), C Kenyon (CK), R Masson-Taylor (RMT), S Salmon (SS),

                        Cllr Michael Gay

Clerk:               Rachel Nield

20/98  Apologies

D Valentine (DV)

20/99  Disclosure of Interest


20/100  Minutes of the last meeting


20/101 Virtual Meeting Protocol

Councillors agreed to adopt the virtual meeting protocol shared by the clerk.

Meeting suspended to take questions or comments from the Public

Cllr Gay reported as follows:

  • He thanked and congratulated everyone involved for the effort and initiatives locally that were supporting the community. Cllr Gay also sent his best wishes for a speedy recovery to Elisabeth Mahoney at One Mile Bakery in Trudoxhill.
  • Mendip District Council (MDC) are adopting virtual meetings. The March Planning Board is scheduled for 22 April. Cllr Gay highlighted current issues with planning applications such as site notices must be up for 5 weeks which may not be happening at the moment and case officers are unable to conduct site visits.
  • COVID-19 – Eve Murphy is the cluster coordinator and coordinates volunteers. NHS volunteers seem to be more active in some areas than others. There are questions about whether the ‘Boris Hampers’ are being received by everyone who has been identified as eligible and the quality of these. Somerset County Council are receiving and sharing information that comes directly from government but Cllr Gay is concerned that those needing medication are able to access this. Also, whether people on their own are getting support and how we know that this is happening.
  • The issue of fly-tipping has increased.
  • Bonfires have been cited as causing problems for neighbours, particularly in the current situation where people are self-isolating or sheltering at home.

Cllr Gay finished by thanking everyone for all they are doing during these difficult times and asked that they keep reading the advice.

20/102   Planning

20/102.1  2020/0711/FUL

Proposal: Retrospective application for the addition of a mobile home on existing Gypsy site

Location: Riverside Bunns Lane Witham Friary Frome BA11 5ES. Applicant: C Brown. Application Type: Full Application

RESOLUTION: Councillors voted unanimously to recommend that the application be refused on the following grounds:

  • There was too little information available about the disposal of sewage
  • A site visit is required and these are not taking place currently

20/102.2  2020/0640/ADV

Proposal: Erection of 1no.internally illuminated totem pole sign

Location: Nunney Catch Service Station Ridgeway Nunney Frome BA11 4NZ. Applicant: Mr Andrew Cartwright. Application Type: Application to Display Adverts

RESOLUTION: 4 councillors voted to recommend refusal, 1 councillor voted to recommend approval with conditions.

In the event that the application is approved by the Planning Department, councillors cited the following conditions they would wish to be applied: illumination to be switched off at 8pm; current, ongoing issues at site (parking, traffic, entry and exit etc) are resolved.

20/102.3  2018/1645/FUL

Building at Nunney Catch. An application for a hay barn – approved with conditions

2017/2373/FUL the previous application for a farmhouse was withdrawn

RESOLUTION: Clerk to refer this to MDC, planning enforcement.

20/103   Finance

20/103.1 The clerk apologised for not presenting the latest financial statement. The latest bank statement had not arrived as expected. This will be presented at the next meeting.

20/103.2Councillors agreed the following for payment:

  • £100.00   K Gale (Grass cutting March)
  • £250.00   P Warden (Annual Footpaths Inspection)
  • £140.12   Clerk’s salary (March)

20/103.3 The process for the submission of end of year accounts has not yet been confirmed by the accountants. As soon as this is received, the clerk will begin the process. In the meantime, the clerk will make arrangements for the end of year internal audit.

20/104   Reports

To receive reports or updates on:

20/104.1Highways. SS confirmed that some potholes had been repaired and that other repairs are ongoing.

20/104.2SpeedWatch. SS had nothing to report as traffic and speed monitoring had been stopped due to the current situation as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

20/104.3Village Hall (RMT/CG). The village hall has been closed and there was nothing to report.

20/104.4 VE Day/Summer Event. CBC confirmed that this has been postponed. It is hoped that a summer event may take place towards the end of the year.

20/104.5 Climate Change. CG reported that an article had been included in the latest edition of Your View.

20/104.6 Extreme Weather Emergency Plan. Not required currently and nothing to report.

20/104.7 Planning Board meeting re Nunney Catch development. This was reported previously.

20/105   Correspondence and Emails Received

  • CK asked that Highways be alerted to the condition of the road in Gare Hill (from the notice board into the forest). This is usually well maintained but needs attention now. It was resolved that SS would visit and report as required.
  • The clerk shared an email from a parishioner thanking the TPC for the continued efforts during the difficult circumstances.

20/106   Other Business referred to the Clerk


20/107   To confirm date of next TPC meeting and Annual Parish Meeting

The APM is cancelled and the Annual Council Meeting postponed until next year. The next council meeting will take place as a virtual meeting on Thursday 14 May at 5.30pm.

As his last meeting as a councillor, Chris Galpin was thanked for his dedication and hard work on behalf of everyone in the parish of Trudoxhill.

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