Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7th February 2019

Present:           C Kenyon (Chair), C Galpin, C Bonham-Christie, P Twigger, D Valentine, S Salmon

3 members of the public
Clerk:               C Galpin (Acting)
Apologies:       R Masson-Taylor


Declarations of Interest:

9.0 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, CK signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the

Meeting then suspended at 7.35pm for:

Members of the public comments:
There were no comments

 The meeting resumed at 7.35pm

10.1 Planning

10.1.1 Decision notice 2018/3151/AGB was read out by CK.

10.1.2 Decision to divert part of public bridleway FR21/85 at Forest View was read out by CK. CK & DV to display decision on notice boards.

10.2 Past subject matters
10.2.1 Winter Rock Salt provision – CK thanked PT for his work in notifying SCC. Unfortunately the bin in Gare Hill is not included on the official map and therefore does not get topped up. CK to email SCC Highways.

10.2.2 The Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations. CG has contacted SALC, NALC & MDC, but not received any additional practical guidance. CG has asked Mats to assess work required and estimated cost.

10.2.3 Keep Britain Tidy – Great British Spring Clean. – CK to arrange collection of plastic bags and pick up of rubbish. PT to ask Angela Steele if she still wishes to provide bacon rolls ahead of the litter pick. If not the pub will provide coffees. CG to produce posters and DV will include in Your View.

10.3   Correspondence and Emails
10.3.1 June Costello re Nunney Catch. See Highways report below. SS has responded to June’s letter.

10.3.2 Somerset Waste Partnership – Receipt of newsletter was noted.

10.3.3 Clean Air Strategy Consultation – CG to include link to consultation in the next eNewsletter and ask for comments. All to consider and respond to CK who collate a response.

10.3.4 Somerset Water Pollution – To be included in Your View.

10.3.5 Councillor Standards – It was noted that the government is considering tighter regulations for local Councillors.

10.3.6 Local Council Work Case Studies – To be considered at the next Parish Plan review.

10.6.7 Somerset Wood WW1 Memorial – A WW1 memorial Wood is being planted near Taunton. We are asked to help with the cost of tree maintenance proportionate to those from the Parish who perished in WW1. CG to ask for more details. DV to include in Your View.

10.4   Finance
10.4.1 – Confirm receipt of current financial statements dated 31st January 2019: It was noted that the financial statements had been circulated by the Clerk. This year’s financial situation has been improved by the VAT refund and 4 months without Clerk’s salary. It was also unanimously agreed to transfer £479.88 from the Fund-Raising account to cover expenditure on the Playground and Friendship Café. A proposal from RMT to run another fund-raising event to be included on next month’s agenda.

10.4.2 Grass cutting contract. Quotations were reviewed and it was unanimously agreed to award the 3 year contract to Kev Gale. CG to advise Kev.

10.4.3 – Accounts for payment:

  • HMRC – Quarterly PAYE payment re Clerk’s salary £35.80
  • Moson Solutions – Clerk’s email renewal £12.00
  • Village Hall re hall hire for the Friendship Cafe £22.00

10.5   Items to report
10.5.1 – Highways The dangerous parking of lorries on the verge and generally around Nunney Catch Service Station at peak times continues to cause concern and negative comment from local residents (see Correspondence above). The late reduction of car park spaces on the Greggs planning application from 14 to 5, which was approved by SCC Highways, reduces the space for parking within the service station grounds significantly. SS to write once again to Highways to ask for double yellow lines where the verge is being used for incorrect lorry parking while the drivers access Greggs. A meeting with Nunney PC is to be arranged by SS.

10.5.2 – Your View – Next Edition DV detailed a list of potential articles and the deadline for copy is 22nd February. All to contribute. To be distributed by 15th March. Neighbourhood Watch could also be included and CG to give DV Roy Thomas’s contact details to check his position.

10.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk
10.6.1 Parish Boundary – The proposal by Nunney Parish Council to move the Parish boundary to the line of the A361, which would move Nunney Catch and the Ridgeway into Nunney Parish was discussed. It was agreed unanimously that this was not desirable, but that we were very happy to work together with Nunney PC regarding Lorry parking at Nunney Catch and other issues of mutual interest. A meeting with Nunney PC is to be arranged by SS.

10.6.2 Conduct of Meetings

10.7   Exclusion of Public and Press (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude the public and press for the remainder of the agenda items due to their confidential nature (HR Matters)

10.8   Recruitment of new Clerk – It was agreed unanimously that Rachel Nield should be appointed as Parish Clerk with effect from 1st March 2019. CG to prepare a contract of employment and change contact details in Postlebury News, the website, Mendip DC and elsewhere as appropriate.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

The next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 7th March 2019 in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Chairperson will be Cllr Twigger.