Trudoxhill Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th December 2018

Present:           S Salmon (Chair), C Galpin, C Bonham-Christie, P Twigger, D Valentine, C Kenyon, R Masson-Taylor
D Skidmore
8 members of the public
Clerk:               C Galpin (Acting)
Apologies:       None


Declarations of Interest:
C Bonham-Christie, R Masson-Taylor re Planning Application 2017/2814/FUL & 2017/2815/LBC

8.0 Minutes of the last meeting:
Having been circulated, SS signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the


Meeting then suspended at 7.35pm for:

Members of the public comments:
There were no comments

The meeting resumed at 7.35pm

8.1 Planning

8.1.1 Application No. 2017/2814/FUL and 2017/2815/LBC Restoration and change of use of 114 Acres of Grade II Listed Park and Garden including Marston Pond, Thickthorn Wood, Orrery Wood to leisure and tourism use. (Additional information received and description amended) Marston Pond Thickthorn Wood And Horley Wood Tuckmarsh Lane Marston Bigot BA11 5BY Mr C Bonham-Christie Closing date for responses was 21/11/2018. SS read the comment made to MDC.

Application No. 2018/2563/HSE Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension. Replacement of existing roof lights with dormer to front elevation. Jacamead Main Frome Road To Foghamshire Lane Trudoxhill Frome BA11 5DP Mr & Mrs S Burgess. Closing date for responses was 21/11/2018. SS read the comment made to MDC. Now Approved.

Application No. 2018/2482/FUL Erection of a No.1 dormer style bungalow. Pot Farmhouse Foghamshire Lane To Gare Hill Trudoxhill Frome Somerset Mr & Mrs D Vowell. Closing date for responses was 21/11/2018. SS read the comment made to MDC. Now Approved.

Application No. 2018/2782/FUL Demolition of an existing dwelling and outbuildings and erection of a replacement dwelling, as detailed within the Design and Access Statement. The Yew Trees Foghamshire Lane Trudoxhill Frome Somerset BA11 5DG Mr & Mrs Wareham. This application is similar to Application 2018/0315/FUL discussed at the April 2018 meeting, but with amendments to window specifications. Approved.

8.1.2 – Decision notices 2018/2680/AGB and 2018/0608/LBC were read out by SS.

8.2 Past subject matters
8.2.1- Maintenance update: The Chapel roof and masonry repairs have been completed. Matching guttering is being sought by the builder.

8.2.2 Winter Rock Salt provision – PT has surveyed our grit bins. All are around 75% full. SCC have now confirmed that they will top up grit bins this year at no cost, but funding for next year is uncertain. PT to advise SCC where bins need topping up.

8.2.3 – – Children’s Christmas Party and Carols: Clare Midgely-Jewitt and CBC are organising the children’s party. Help will be required on the day and wrapping Xmas presents. CG to send out email reminder re party responses.

Re Carols it is confirmed that Martin Hennett will MC and the pub will provide mulled wine and mince pies. Music being provided by John, Fred and Julie.

8.3   Correspondence and Emails
8.3.1 Roy Thomas email re village crime – Criteria for a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to be researched. CG to get Roy in contact with Bill Stafford re Speed Watch
8.3.2 Footpath Consultation – SCC are consulting on the designation of footpaths in the parish. CG to ask for input via email and Facebook.

8.3.3 Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations – CG to refer to Mats to check if Web site complies with these regulations.

8.3.4 Keep Britain Tidy – Big Give. Thanks to all who contributed to this fund-raising effort match–funded by Greggs.

8.3.5 Parish forum – Election 2019. If the election is contested the poll will take place on 2 May 2019. Nomination papers for Parish Councillors need to be lodged with MDC by 3 April 2019.

8.4   Finance
8.4.1 – Consider budget requirements, objectives and action plan for 2019/20 financial year: The income and expenditure for the year ending 31 March was reviewed and it was expected that little change would occur to annual expenditure items, less the termination of the bus subsidy, which amounts to £5373.59. Next year, additionally, we may have to pay for salt (£200?) and a higher clerk’s salary due to the introduction of new pay scales, but the cost of the friendship café and playground maintenance is covered from the fund-raising account. The current precept is £5149.00. CG to research RPI and parish tax base for the next meeting.

8.4.2 – Confirm receipt of current financial statements dated 31st October 2018: It was noted that the financial statements had been circulated by the Clerk.
8.4.3 – Accounts for payment:

  • Nev Dean – Your View printing £72.80
  • Village Hall – Friendship Café £22
  • Clerk Wages – £36.80

8.5   Items to report
8.5.1 – Christmas Fair Report. Rohan Masson-Taylor was congratulated on organising a successful craft fair. There were issues such as competing events and problems finding stall-holders. Final details are not yet available, so a full report will be given next month.

8.5.2 – Highways and Speedwatch Reports: Nunney Catch Lorry Parking. Lorries queuing/ parking to access Euro Garage and Greggs at peak times is causing the road to be narrowed and sometimes blocked. Access for local residents, including a paramedic is sometimes blocked. Verge is being damaged. Yellow lines to be painted at bus stop when Highways have funds in the hope that this will deter lorries from inappropriate parking. SS will go to Nunney Catch lorry park to find out about their diesel cards.
Bunns Lane Road closure on 2 Jan 2019 for 3 days was noted.

8.5.3 – Thanks to Bill Stafford was recorded for on-going Speedwatch sessions

8.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk
8.6.1 – It was noted that the Parish Clerk has resigned with effect from 12th November. SS thanked Chris Galpin for offering to act as Clerk, and this temporary position was confirmed by Councillors. CG to change contact details.

Recruitment of a new Clerk is to be progressed as soon as possible with advertising to begin at the beginning of January

8.6.2 – Chair Rota – March and April 2019 to be filled by Patrick Twigger

8.6.3 – VAT: Clerk has submitted VAT reclaim to HMRC. Receipt of refund to be confirmed on receipt of bank statement.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

The January 2019 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd January in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Chairperson will be Cllr Kenyon.

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