If you are feeling energetic, here is some more information about our forthcoming parish walk.

Please note the mistake in Your View. The walk to beat the Parish bounds will take place not on Thursday as stated but on Sunday 28th April. It’s an ambitious walk being about 16 km (10 miles) on some roads but mostly fields and footpaths which, at a fairly leisurely pace, will take about 6 hours. Being a dairy area in April cows and heifers will be encountered. The going shouldn’t be too tough but a little mud can be expected and the path is, in a few places, pitted or uneven and in one section broken glass will be encountered so good footwear is essential. Don’t forget food and water. Everyone is welcome but it’s not necessary to walk it all. All walkers participate entirely at their own risk.

Starting at the White Hart at 10.00 a.m. (weather permitting – check the Parish web site if in doubt) we will go a little way down West End Lane and then follow footpaths through undulating grass fields up to the A359 (Nunney Catch to Wanstrow road). About 200 metres of this fast road must be walked (half of which has no safety verge) and great care will have to be taken. We will then cut across fields to the A361 and head past the garage (chocolate and sugar drinks available for anyone who is flagging but Greggs will be closed) and follow the Parish boundary along Ridgeway.

Although the Parish boundary continues along the A361 towards Frome, we will drop down Cheese Hill and take the path through the Marston Estate aiming for the Lighthouse where we will stop for a coffee break.

After a brief rest we cut across fields to Tuckmarsh Lane where, at Burnt Cottage, some walkers might like to head back to Trudoxhill along Foghamshire Lane and those who are walking the full distance will head south down Smithwicks Lane. At Smithwicks Green we can stop for a picnic break – an opportunity to eat your packed lunch.

Once suitably refreshed we will cross both the railway and Bunn’s Lane and follow the bridleway towards Gaer Hill, but there is no suitable footpath to Gaer Hill and we will get only as far as the driveway to East Forest Farm. The Parish boundary follows the Gaer Hill road northwards for a long section back to the railway where we take the Witham road. These two road sections are about 3 km in all. Finally we head northwards, generally going parallel to the Parish boundary, across fields back to the White Hart.