We celebrate the Palm Sunday service on Sunday 13th March at 11am, without a donkey this year, as with all other years.  However, the ponies arrived early this year when some got loose from their paddock and the local constabulary corralled them into the church car park. Esther at Church Lodge has had to put up with a lot of noise since she moved down from London, including all the bell ringing and car park goings on, so this was just another local distraction.

Marston Church supporters are planning a fund raiser on Friday, 29th April (possibly), 18.00-20.00, to support the long overdue and now emergency fund raising for the roof, (or rather action to stop up the holes in the roof).  Come and discover the history of Marston Church, and much more.   Tickets & refreshments in planning.

Please contact Jane on 0777 6208531 or jane.norris9 (at) gmail.com beforehand as this is hot off the press and subject to change!

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