Minutes of meeting held on 7th June 2018

PRESENT:       P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, J Symes, D Valentine, Dist. Cllr Skidmore                   

                              7 members of the public

CLERK:            Georgina Blackshaw


Declaration of Interest:


2.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT then signed them off as a true copy.

Meeting then suspended at 7.45 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

Clare Midgley (ex Cllr) who is still overseeing the Community Garden, explained that some of the play equipment is becoming unsafe and needs attention. She has contacted Sovereign, who installed and should maintain the equipment for them to action repairs. The fence is still unrepaired and if the site was inspected by RoSPA, it would fail. As such an event is due in June, urgent action is needed. The Clerk explained (this item would have been covered later in 2.5.3) that some parishioners had been approached to help with this repair but nothing had materialised. PT has managed to get 6 free fence panel from Jewson’s but he, like other Cllr’s, have businesses to run and limited time. She stated that although the Fund Raising account is reduced, she will contact a local ‘handyman’ and ask him to complete the job as a matter of urgency and send an Invoice to the TPC. A parishioner asked about the signs placed on the verges off the A361 at the entrance to the village. Clerk will look into the issue and possibly contact Highways.

Meeting resumed at 7.55pm

2.1 Planning None

2.2 Previous Subject Matters   

2.2.1 Broadband. A presentation by Voneus before the meeting had been well attended by parishioners.  CG, plus helpers, were thanked for organising this on behalf of the parish.CG will monitor Voneus’s progress in providing a broadband service. BT have confirmed that a 75% grant is available towards the cost of bringing fibre to the cabinet in Trudoxhill, bringing the parish contribution down to £3,066.75. After discussion, it was agreed that while a service from Voneus was a possibility, the BT upgrade would be put on hold. The quote dated 31st April expires after 60 days, but CG will attempt to keep this option alive at least until it is definite that Voneus will provide a service.

2.2.2 Financial budget. The Clerk will write to local firms/charities once she steps down to try to bolster Funds. SS offered support. Despite the economies needed, the CSW scheme is working and the TPC felt that we should make a donation to them of £100 as they are providing ongoing training and support and have put up 2 large sign either end of the village. Clerk will action.

2.2.3 Chairperson rota. CG had circulated a suggested outline for sharing the role with each Cllr taking the position for 2 months. It had been agreed and Clerk will display with updated Cllr list in July. Doug Valentine will Chair the meeting for July / August. There had been no applicants, within the deadline, for a Cllr to co-op but a parishioner has since expressed an interest in joining the TPC. The Clerk has checked with SALC who reassured her that despite the official 35 day period having passed to fill the role, the opportunity to have a full working council would mean that MDC would grant an extension, if asked. The Clerk will pass on an application form and circulate the completed copy before the July meeting, when hopefully a new Cllr will join the team.

2.3 Correspondence

All considered. The Clerk read out the response from Paula Deadman, Planning Enforcement, about the Connor Construction site. She has assured the TPC that a site inspection will take place once the site is cleared. SS wanted assurances that there will be no top soil put on the tarmac and Cllr Skidmore stated that there will be another planning application submitted when this and other areas could be checked. MDC had taken legal advice about the TPO felling and had been told that the case for prosecution could not be pursued and this part of the investigation has been closed.

2.4 Accounts for Payment

2.4.1 Grass cutting –Kev Gale – £100

2.4.2 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

2.4.3 Moson – website training – £52.5

2.4.4 Toner for laser printer – Clerk – £46.90

NB No MCT bus subsidy – staffing problems mean 2 months will be billed in July.

Direct debit Sovereign playground maintenance – £17.99

2. 5  Items to Report:

2.5.1 Parish Plan. The subcommittee of JS/SS/CG had met for the 6 monthly review and CG presented the summary. In the’ Roads’ section, traffic calming measures have been installed and signs replaced at Gare Hill. In the ‘Environment’ part mention of parish walks was noted. One important emphasis has been in the ‘Employment’ section where a lot of work has been done and work continues to investigate the Broadband options. A Communications guide has been produced and work is ongoing to improve the website where volunteers are sorely needed.

2.5.2. New PCSO. SS informed meeting that Matthew Cooke has been appointed as our new contact and she will invite him to attend a future meeting.

2.5.3. Maintenance. The fence in the Community garden was discussed at the start and JS will follow up the query about the broken slab of wall at the side of the pub to ascertain whose responsibility it is for its repair.

2.5.4. Your View. DV will oversee the August issue and liaise with Richard Brooks. He will assume sole responsibility for its delivery and ask parishioners and Cllr’s for input. The Clerk feels it essential to focus on an appeal for support from parishioners as there are limits to the amount that can be achieved by the a small group of Cllr’s and volunteers who undertake tasks at the moment. An appeal for a small amount of time/support and for some ‘young blood’ should be one of the main items with possibly a simple form of reply slip included.

2.5.5 New Clerk appointments. The decision to combine and offer the post with Wanstrow seems to have attracted a good selection of candidates, with 6 applications received, of whom 5 are applying for both positions and one for Trudoxhill only. A series of dates/times and admin tasks were confirmed and the Clerk will inform the Chair at Wanstrow on Friday 8th so that they have the information for their meeting on Monday 10th. PT and CG will be on the pre-selection and interviewing panel and a list of criteria for the two sessions has been produced to ensure consistency.

2.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

2.6.1 AGAR –Section 2 (Accounting Statements 2017/18) was signed by the Chair and RFO/Clerk. Cllr’s had sight of the Notice of Public Rights which will be displayed on the notice boards and website. They have also checked the Annual Audit report and the Clerk will write to thank a parishioner, Lucy Carter (an accountant working for Mulberry’s), for her willing help and time taken with this task.

2.6.2 Welcome letter. SS and CG wished to amend/add to the letter the Clerk is about to print and deliver to 3 new household who have recently moved to the parish. Clerk asked for this to be done as a matter of urgency as they need to be sent out ASAP. SS agreed to do this. Clerk then to update/deliver.

2.6.3 Village Hall. Ann Harding, Secretary to the V Hall committee, had phoned to ask the TPC to support them in trying to get additional help with any events they plan for the future. The Clerk will contact Ann to confirm that the appeal for volunteers on Your View will include the need for some new blood/fresh ideas/offers of help for them to continue the community focused social and fund raising they do. The AGM is on 28th June. PT will attend.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 27th June, please.

The July 2018 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm Thursday 5th in Trudoxhill Village Hall. The Chairperson will be Cllr Valentine.                    

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine, District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham.

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