Minutes of meeting held on 3rd March 2016


PRESENT:             P Twigger (Chairman), C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon,, A Steele, J Symes.

                     Cllr Dick Skidmore

5 members of the public

CLERK:                   Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          Cllr Ham.  ________________________________________________________________________


Declaration of Interest:


11.0 The Minutes

  • Having been circulated, PT then signed them off as a true copy

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 for:


Members of the Public Comments

A parishioner queried the pipe still discharging water in front of Plot 1 The Old Orchard, as although a retaining wall has been built, water it still running onto the Highway  JS will follow up with the developer.

Clarification was also sought about whether St Leonard’s Church could be included in the ‘Heritage at Risk’ register. Clerk explained that she had telephoned after the last meeting and left a message asking for a return call only if the church should be included. She would then forward details. No reply has been received, SS asked to Clerk to get verbal confirmation of the situation, which she will do. The final issue was a query about the removal of cat’s eyes on the A361. Cllr Skidmore stated that this was a Highways issue and it could be checked on the website or by a phone call as there will most likely be follow up road work planned. SS will chase up if needed.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm.


11.1 Planning

Application No. 2016//0364/VRC. This application had only been received on 27/02/16 and the MDC planning portal was down so details were unavailable until 03/03/16. The deadline for comments is 18th March and the next TPC not until 7th April. Clerk asked all Cllr’s to check the Application on line and to log comments via email to her to collate/check with PT by March 14th. She will then record and send off the decision to MDC by the 18th. She had checked the online details and it appears that close neighbours have been consulted. Any member of the parish can add additional comments via the planning portal.


11.2 Past Subject Matters

11.2.1 New Councillor Roles and Responsibilities- the TPC reviewed the roles and agreed to reallocate some areas to take best advantage of each Cllr’s expertise and interests. Clerk asked for a Cllr to be responsible for monitoring the financial situation for the TPC as with the new Transparency Code it is vital that parishioners know that every effort is being made to ensure that all monies are accounted for and accounts are available for inspection by parishioners at any time. It was agreed that Your View would be edited by a parishioner (yet to be found) not the TPC who would willingly provide support/content. The ‘Finance’ role would be allocated to Chris Kenyon who will also take on Fly-tipping (liaising with SS/CG who cover  Highways/Footpaths).It was felt that this could be an increasing problem as Gypsy Lane in Frome is to be closed to traffic shortly. SS also looks at the Road Safety aspects in her role at the moment.CM already covers Village Communication which includes sending out the eNewsletter. She will re-join the TPC next month.

11.2.2 Connor Construction. TPC had supported and forwarded a second letter to MDC from a parishioner, John Salmon FRICS, MRTPI, FIQ (Land & Mineral Management, Frome) seeking clarification of the planning issues surrounding the site. Mr Woodridge, the Enforcement Officer had stated that the additional historical information provided would be referred to in discussions on the use of the site and Cllr Skidmore spent time in taking the Council through the situation at the moment. The owner is looking at moving to a more appropriate site and MDC are supporting him in this with a lot of work being undertaken in the background. SS stated that this was the first time the TPC had heard about this and saw it as a positive step. The TPC will check with the Enforcement Officer for updates and the Clerk will monitor.

11.2.3 The Queen’s 90th birthday.AS attended Village Hall meeting and reported that the Committee would prefer to organise the event themselves, with volunteers, rather than the suggested joint venture. They asked if any financial support was available. The Clerk expressed the opinion (as she had helped with the Diamond Jubilee celebration) that it would be a positive move if it were seen to be a whole parish effort, centred around the Village Hall and that the TPC would be very willing to provide support in a variety of ways to increase liaison with the VH committee. CG and the TPC welcomed the fact that the VH Committee would take this on and a parishioner present was asked for their objective opinion. The suggestion voiced was to set up a sub-committee of interested people from both groups to lead the planning. However, AS stated that this had been proposed but had been rejected. PT and the Clerk offered to attend the next VH meeting on the 24th March with AS, so that a positive way forward could be achieved. AS will discuss with Dean Silvester (Chairman of VH committee) prior to the meeting


11.3 Correspondence

All emails had been read. SWP plans for recycling were discussed briefly but Clerk stated that further update would follow and no action needs to be taken at the moment.


11.4 Accounts for Payment

11.4.1 Moson Solutions – £285 (for website update/hosting)

11.4.2 Clerk’s Wages – 15 hours-£103.20


  1. 5 Items to Report:

11.5.1 Highways. SS reported good news about all the resurfacing work being undertaken in the parish. She and the Clerk had toured the parish with Rob Davey (MDC Highways – signs and lines) who had agreed to requests to replace faded 30mph signs, to replace other missing signs and to repaint white lines. He also looked at the pinch point in centre of the village and agreed that white lines would be painted on both sides which he felt would help slow traffic and make the stretch of road safer. This will not be done until the new financial year. SS will monitor. CK asked for the drainage in Bunns Lane to be looked at and cleared and JS stated that another parishioner had requested that drains be cleared through the village towards the A361. Some work will be undertaken during the parish clean up but SS will contact Highways for a more organised approach to the problem. New PCSO contacted Clerk to introduce herself, she is Zoe Brooks and the Clerk will ask her to give us the practical details of the Speed watch scheme. There are 3 volunteers now and possibility of recruiting some more to make up the 6 needed to start the scheme.

11.5.2 Footpaths. CG presented the Spreadsheet summary which was compiled by Paul and Nikki who have undertaken the role of checking/completing minor clearing and identifying problems with the parish footpaths. Copy sent to Clare Haskins (Rights of Way Officer) who will follow up in 2-3 months, CG will monitor. Clerk to write to thank Paul and Nikki and to arrange payment in the new financial year.

11.5.3 JS confirmed details of Parish Clean up. Clerk asked for photo’s to use after event.

11.5.4 TOP’s. Request for rubbish bin for Village Garden. Agreed to fund, Clerk to get estimates and check with MDC about emptying.

11.5.5 AS reported that the Village Hall committee are concerned about the gap in the floor and potential problems/cost implications. Problem of the noisy heating system while meetings taking place – Chairman, Dean Silvester, will investigate. Thanks in advance for this as it is a concern.


11.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

11.6.1 Web site. Final checking of contents taking place. CM and Mats will hope to launch new site within the month.

11.6.2 Newcomers to the Parish. Clerk had updated the Welcome letter issued to all new parishioners and had delivered 2 to those having moved in to houses on Gare Hill road. She asked if she could be updated with any other new arrivals as they join us. Red Tons Farm has new occupants and Clerk will take a copy to them.


                                Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 30th March please.

                                                 The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.


The April meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 7th in Trudoxhill Village Hall                  


                For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon,

                                                         Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes.                                         


                                                 Cllr Skidmore, Cllr Ham

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