Minutes of meeting held on 3rd May 2018

PRESENT:            C Galpin, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes, P Twigger, D Valentine

2 members of the public

CLERK:                  Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:       District Cllr’s Ham and Skidmore, C Kenyon

Declaration of Interest:



Election of Chairperson

Clerk asked Councillors for nomination(s) for a Chairperson for the coming year. CG spoke before the vote to explain that prior to the meeting Cllr’s had expressed concerns about individual commitments over the next few months. As a result he proposed that the Chairing of the meeting should be on a rota basis as in Wanstrow Parish. The suggestion was for all Cllr’s to work on a 2 month rota and that this should be organised at the next meeting. Clerk was concerned about the need for some continuity at present, with Cllr co– option / new Clerk appointment. It was suggested that PT should take the first two months in order to oversee issues that he had direct knowledge and experience of. PT agreed to be nominated. This was then done by CG and seconded by JS. PT will therefore start as Chair for the May/June meetings


1.0 The Minutes

PT assumed the role of Chair and signed them off as a true copy.


Meeting then suspended at 7.35pm for:


Members of the Public Comments:

A parishioner raised several issues. Firstly, the dangerous parking on the narrow road entering the village from the A361 when the Country Fayre was taking place at Pyle Farm. Bad weather had prevented the designated field from being used but PT will make an informal approach to request it is not repeated.

Secondly, the broken wall by the White Hart pub has been an eyesore and there was disappointment it was not repaired when the retaining wall was rebuilt. JS to investigate and report back to the TPC. The rubbish was collected but later than arranged by the Clerk and there was a metal road sign left. PT will pick up and SS will report to Highways as there are several others abandoned in the parish. Lastly, the Millennium Stone is fading and needs attention. PT will check and treat as required.


Meeting resumed at 7.50pm


1.1 Planning  Application No: 2018/0608.All Cllr’s felt the work improved the dwelling

and would ensure a home fit for family use in the future. They voted to Approve the Application.

Application No: 2018/0729/VCR. PT had talked to the nearest neighbour, who did not feel it would have any detrimental effect. Cllr’s felt that as the garage was 24hrs, the deliveries would be acceptable but that we should note a request for drivers to be considerate with noise levels and while reversing. Cllr’s voted to Approve the Application  


1.2 Previous Subject Matters

1.2.1 Financial position for 2018/19 will be challenging. Clerk urged Cllr’s to research local organisations who may provide some support and any suitable grants that we can apply for. Clerk will circulate a detailed breakdown of potential costs and suggest ways where economies could be made. Cllr’s are asked to study this and to bring suggestions to the next meeting.

1.2.2 SID. As the finances are limited, it was agreed to postpone any decision as SCC have indicted we can ‘opt in’ to the scheme at a later date.

1.2.3   Bus report circulated by Michael Gay had been studied by Cllr’s and unless we can obtain another Somerset Community Grant, the Council cannot afford to subsidise the bus from August onwards when this year’s money is spent. JS will discuss with Michael and submit another grant application if appropriate.

1.2.4 CSW grant. Cllr’s agreed to pay for the CSW signs as their contribution to the scheme.


1.3 Correspondence

PT confirmed that all emails had been sent to all. He read out the latest from the new Senior Enforcement Officer, Paula Debenham, who will review the situation at the Connor Construction site and report to the TPC by the June meeting. Clerk will monitor.


1.4 Accounts for Payment

1.4.1  Grass cutting – Kev Gale – £100

1.4.2  Clerk’s wages + extra 10 hours for all additional admin/audit work.- £177.55

1.4.3  Annual Footpath Invoice for the year 2017/18. P & N Warden – £250.00

1.4.4  PCC. Annual contribution to upkeep of graveyard at St Leonard’s – £250.

1.4.5  Bus Subsidy – MCT – £67.82

1.4.6  J Lewis – HMRC returns/bookkeeping – £100

1.4.7  L Carter – Internal Audit – £20.00

1.4.8  SALC – Annual subscription – £111.03 (late request last year/early this year)


1.5 Items to Report:

1.5.1 Footpaths. CG issued copy of annual report from Paul and Nicola Warden which highlights areas for SCC/Ramblers to address. They were thanked for their continued hard work.

1.5.2 Broadband. CG reported fully on his research with Open Reach. Upgrading the Cabinet in the village at a cost of £12,267 is the most viable option and could benefit those within 1km. There may also be a 75% grant available from BT if there is a charity or school in the village. CG will pursue this as the Village Hall is a charity and will also discuss costs with local businesses. Other ways of providing broadband such as 4G and wireless will be explored as well and reported back at the next meeting.

1.5.3 Village Hall. AS summarised the Annual report that Cllr’s had seen. Main issue is the lack of finances available after the major expense with the replacement floor. There is a real need for younger volunteers to become involved with the Committee. Urgent fund raising ideas needed. AGM is on 28th June

1.5.4 GDPR. CG explained he would need to contact all of those parishioners who receive the eNewsletter to obtain their official consent. Mail Chimp, which we use, has a system in place for this and the TPC asked CG to implement it before the deadline of 25th May. If parishioners do not respond they will have to be removed from our data base. Clerk advised that SALC stated that at the present time Councils should keep a ‘watching brief’ but that things will change/be updated and SALC will advise.


1.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

1.6.1  Annual Governance and Accountability Return. The Annual Governance statement (Section 1) and the Certificate of Exemption were signed off by PT/Clerk. Clerk will post latter to external auditors to exempt us as we are under the £25,000 limit.

1.6.2 Co-option of Cllr following resignation of AS. She was thanked by the TPC for her hard work on our behalf and presented with a small gift. MDC have advised that no election was called by parishioners and so Clerk has advertised for a new person to join the Council. Application forms are available from her or JS (11th – 22nd May). Returned by 28th May for circulation in blue box and for joining at June meeting.

Clerk appointment. PT has been liaising with Wanstrow, who also need a Clerk, so that a potential candidate could apply for either/both roles which might appeal to applicants. Progress has been made with both posts advertised in the Postlebury News and on the SALC site giving a deadline for applications by May 31st. PT and the Chair at Wanstrow (Michael Gay) will then arrange for all Cllr’s to study application forms and a date set for interview with an agreed venue/interviewing panel/structure yet to be confirmed..


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


The June 2018 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm Thursday 7th

Trudoxhill Village Hall


For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine. 

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham 

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