Minutes of meeting held on 7th April 2016

NB. The draft copy of the Agenda published had the incorrect numerical annotations which should start 12.0 not 10.0. This has been updated and the Minutes will reflect this.


PRESENT:             P Twigger (Chairman), C Galpin, C Kenyon, A Steele, J Symes

3 members of the public

CLERK:                   Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          Cllr Ham, Cllr Skidmore, Sheila Salmon ______________________________________________________________________


Declaration of Interest:


12.0 (10.0 on draft Agenda) The Minutes

  • Having been circulated, PT then signed them off as a true copy

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 for:

Members of the Public Comments

A parishioner asked if there had been any changes to the Development Line for the village. PT stated that, from his knowledge, it was still the same but it was agreed that some dwellings had been build outside this on brown field sites in the past or had an Agricultural tie which could be removed and the house then sold on the open market. Mendip Case Officers are responsible for individual decisions and it was agreed that the system could be open to abuse. PT could not offer any more information other than confirm the responsibility lay with the Planning section of MDC. Clarification was sought as to whether there had been a ‘Pedestrians in the road’ sign by the dangerous bend at Bridge House. It was thought that this was not the case but moves were in place with Highways to renew/replace signs and this could be mentioned when SS receives details from them. It is an Agenda item for the meeting.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm.

12.1 Planning

Application No. 2016//0266/FUL. JS felt that the application for the mobile home made sense as it safeguarded stock and was a common request in rural areas such as ours.CG felt there was little visual effect. All voted to Approve the Application

Application No: 2016/0620/FUL. CK asked why such a large building was needed. PT explained that a previous barn had burnt down and that there was a large amount of hay produced. After some discussion it was agreed by all Cllr’s to Refer the Application to the Planning Officer

12.2 Past Subject Matters

12.2.1 Heritage at Risk register. Clerk had contacted a new team member, Howard Warren who, after checking, stated that MDC would now accept churches as potential additions to the register. She passed contact details of Jane Norris (Assistant at St Leonard’s) to Mr Warren who will take the issues up with Jane.

12.2.2 PC Gould had sent apologies for a delay in reply and encouraged the parish to join the Speedwatch scheme. The Clerk reported that she could not find anyone else apart from 3 volunteers so we still need more parishioners to join. He was setting up a meeting with Highways to look at rural speeding and other problems and would report back once this had taken place. There is also a PACT meeting for police/parishes at Nunney on Friday 6th May that PT will attend.

12.2.3 The Queen’s 90th birthday. AS attended Village Hall meeting with PT and the Clerk. PT reported that there was positive discussion and that the TPC may receive a charitable donation to be spent within, and for the good of, the parish. This means that there will be no need for any contributions from parishioners and funding would be available to support the event. The Clerk will liaise with Dean Sylvester and asked for names of volunteers so that we can all work towards the event which will be enjoyed by all our community. The date is June 12th 2.30 – 5.30. Clerk confirmed that there was full Public Liability Insurance for the Village Garden and will relay this to the Committee.

12.3 Correspondence

All emails had been read. CPRE request that the TPC to join. After discussion it was agreed that with limited finances the TPC would maintain its policy of not subscribing. PT read out an email received from David Woodridge, MDC Enforcement Officer, about the ongoing issues surrounding the Connor Construction site and the TPC response. (Copies available from the Clerk). Clerk asked to continue to monitor the situation and keep the TPC and interested parishioners informed.

12.4 Accounts for Payment

12.4.1 Grass cutting – Kev Gale – £100

12.4.2 Printing Your View – Nev Dean – £70.00

12.4.3 Annual rent for the use of the Village Hall – £184.20

12.4.4 Annual Footpath scheme – Mr & Mrs Warden – £250

12.4.5 Clerk’s wages – 15hrs – £103.20

12.4.6 Chairman’s ‘Thank you’ gifts x 2 – Your View delivery/refreshments for litter pick – £9.50

PT was pleased to report that the TPC has now received a substantial charity donation to support the parish. This will go into the ‘Fund Raising’ account and be used initially to support the Village Hall Committee with the Queen’s 90th event and to purchase a litter bin for the Village Garden. Clerk will write to thank the benefactor for the gift and share information about where money would be spent.

  1. 5 Items to Report:

12.5.1 Highways. SS reported via an email read by the Clerk that she has requested information/details of the planned ‘lines and signs’ promised for the parish in the next financial year. Once these have been received, there will be chance to study/comment and possibly ask for suitable additions and /or alterations.

CK to liaise with SS about the ongoing problem of flooding at Bunn Lane.

12.5.2 Footpaths. CG had been asked by a parishioner if extra Macmillan way signs could be placed in the centre of the village. He has agreed with this need and approached the Rights of Way Officer for MDC and contacted the Macmillan way website to ask for support with this. He will report progress.

12.5.3 Rubbish bin – the Clerk bored the TPC with details of the hours spent with MDC to find out there is only 1 bin which they specify/will empty. It is expensive but as we now have funds from the donation (see 12.4) the Clerk will check and submit a plan of where it is to go before it can be bought. Bill and Pauline Stafford were thanked for their kind offer of a bin but as it would not be emptied it was regretfully declined. As a parishioner has had to pick up plastic bags full of dog poo which had been chucked into hedges while she helped with the parish clean up, there was a request for a dog waste bin. Disgust was expressed over this and anger about such antisocial behaviour. As we have money left from this year’s precept it was agreed to purchase one and after discussion, to erect it near to the bus shelter in the hope that dog owners would appreciate it and the minority who have not taken their waste home will be encouraged to use it. Clerk will arrange purchase. JS was asked to obtain quotes for revamping the Trudoxhill Parish notice board that has a broken lock and is unstable. He will also try to get quotes for repainting the phone box and was asked to add the one at Gare Hill as CK is going to find out about its possible purchase and report back to the TPC. Drainage issues – Village Hall car park flooding – reasons have been identified and parishioners are dealing with this plus the problems in the garden of the pub. Clerk has received an email from Julian Haines (MDC Land Drainage and Project Engineer) about the continuing problem of water being discharged on to the Highway from the Old Orchard site. He is checking with planning colleagues and Clerk will update as information received.

12.5.4 AS reported from the Village Hall meeting which has been covered in 12.2.3. She did not have a copy of their end of year balance sheet so Clerk would request one for the files as this has been provided in previous years.

12.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

12.6.1 Parish Plan – a reminder to link ‘Summary of TPC Achievement’ to Parish Plan. Update in future

12.6.2 Website – now live. CM will brief TPC about how to add info at next meeting. Well received.

12.6.3 Annual Audit started. Balance sheet being produced by Clerk. CK/CG to review.

12.6.4 Annual Parish Meeting –individual updated ‘Achievements’ to Clerk to collate by April 18th. Clerk and Chairman only to oversee meeting. Annual Parish Council meeting to follow – first agenda item ‘to elect Chairperson for the year’. Clerk asked TPC to consider this/prepare for the meeting. Date change needed as Police Commis. Voting on Thurs 5th. Clerk checked – only day hall free in the week is Wed, May 4th. Agreed on this date. Clerk to post notices/advertise in Postlebury News.

                                Agenda items to the Clerk by Tuesday 26th April please.

                                                 The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.


*** ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 7.00pm followed by ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 7.30pm WED 4TH MAY in Trudoxhill Village Hall.     All parishioners are very welcome. ***

                For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon,

                                                         Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes.                                                         ,                         

                                                 Cllr Skidmore, Cllr Ham

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