Minutes of meeting held on 4th February 2016


PRESENT:             P Twigger (Chairman), C Galpin, A Steele, S Salmon, J Symes.

4 members of the public

CLERK:                   Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          Cllr Skidmore, Cllr Ham.  ________________________________________________________________________


Declaration of Interest:



10.0 The Minutes

  • Having been circulated, PT then signed them off as a true copy

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 for:


Members of the Public Comments



Meeting resumed immediately.


10.1 Planning

Application No. 2016/0007/FUL. To create direct road access from field east of Hillview. Mr G Doust

Cllr’s could not see a problem with this as there was no interference to the Footpath. It was Approved.


10.2 Past Subject Matters

10.2.1 New Councillor – the TPC had read the application from Chris Kenyon who lives at Gare Hill, and wishes to be co-opted to join the Council. He was proposed by SS and seconded by CG. All Cllr’s voted in favour and Chris then signed the official acceptance form which was witnessed by PT. The Clerk then issued the Declaration of Interest form which needs to be sent to MDC no later than 28 days after the appointment.

10.2.2 Village Maintenance update. PT reported that the broken/rotten signs littering the entrance to the parish from the A361 have been piled up and would be collected to be disposed of after the Parish litter pick/clear up. Date to be confirmed at this meeting. The reflector lights on the two bollards have been cleaned to make it safer for drivers. The Old Orchard site drainage was reviewed. JS has checked that the wall outside Orchard House has been built and the pipe altered. The developer had met with one of the parishioners who was concerned about the ditch at the back of the development. They had then agreed that the difficulties of individual ownership of the ditch and the unusually large amount of water falling on sodden ground meant that no further action should be taken. The parishioner was happy with this outcome. The Clerk had passed on information about ‘The Clean for the Queen’ initiative. JS confirmed that a ‘litter pick’ was due and so it was agreed that we would link with the scheme to add extra publicity and to incorporate the logo in our flyer. Date agreed is Saturday 5th March. All to meet at 10.00am outside the pub for bacon sandwiches which will kindly be provided by Richard (Brooks) at Longwaite farm and then to start the work at 10.30am. JS reminded TPC that there are areas of the parish that were not covered last time and so he would prioritise them but reinforced the point that it would depend on the number of parishioners who were willing to join in. CG volunteered to print the poster which the Clerk will update with the help of CM.

10.2.3 Connor Construction – PT had drafted a copy of a letter to be sent to MDC to confirm the planning status of the site. As John Salmon was giving his free time to advise TPC about some aspects of the situation, it had not been possible to circulate copies before the meeting. The Clerk will email copies to all Councillors and she requested amendments to reach her by Tuesday 9th so that the definitive letter could be sent by the 12th March. SS asked if the Clerk could also write to Bo Walsh, Case Officer, to check on the progress of Planning Application 2015/1236/TPO .Proposed works to tree subject to Tree Preservation Orders.

SS and the Clerk were made aware of an email relating to this issue and asked for copies to be sent to them.





10.3 Correspondence

All emails had been read. Clerk asked if the TPC wished to donate to Mendip Community Transport. It was declined at this stage but should the bus service be cut and parishioners then use the service the situation would be reviewed. Heritage at Risk Register 2016 review. No building in the parish on the list at present. Discussion about whether St Leonard’s should be included but AS felt that as a C of E church it would not qualify. Clerk will check and reply accordingly


10.4 Accounts for Payment

10.4.1 Clerk’s Wages – 15 hours-£103.20

10.4.2 Expenses – Epsom printing ink -£27.49

Clerk announced that TPC had been successful in its bid for a grant to help with the website update to comply with the Transparency Code and that she had received a cheque for £710.00 that morning.


  1. 5 Items to Report:

10.5.1 Highways. SS reported that Millards Hill was to be resurfaced 25th Feb. Clerk confirmed she had received Road Closure Notice that morning and will post on notice boards next week. Work expected to last 5 days, excluding weekends. Other work: 3rd– 7th March – Cheese Hill Lane (by The Rectory) then 8th– 10th Bunns Lane. Gare Hill verges reported and patched, SS will continue to monitor. AS asked about missing 30mph sign at start of West End Lane (Millards Hill Road entrance). This has been left off list but will now be followed up. SS contacting Chris Betty from MDC HIghways about state of signs but as he if off on ill health grounds it is difficult to see any progress at the moment. Clerk will draft a letter to Cllr Philip Ham to ask for his support as, of yet, she has had little follow up action from the initial meeting with PC Gould. TPC agreed and Clerk will circulate a draft after consultation with SS. SS has met with parishioners about the placing of a grit bin at Cheese Hill but there now appears to be some problem with the siting of this. The Clerk expressed concern that having agreed to pay for it and arrange for it to be filled and delivered SS’s time was being spent on this when there were other more pressing issues to address. SS said she was happy to help resolve the issue.


10.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

10.6.1 Your View – still needs a volunteer to edit. CM has agreed to produce the next issue while a last attempt is made to find someone. Clerk will provide copy.

10.6.2 Parish event to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Sunday 12th June Discussion about the event and whether it would be possible to repeat the Diamond Jubilee street party that was a great success and really involved the whole parish. Clerk said it had been a lot of work and this needed someone to organise with a small team of people. The Village Hall committee have asked if the TPC have plans as they have suggested an afternoon tea. AS will discuss with them at their next meeting on 25th Feb. It will be added to the next TPC Agenda to see what, if any, options are possible and who would be willing to co-ordinate the event.


                                Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 24th February please.


                                                 The meeting closed at 8.25 pm.


The March meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd in Trudoxhill Village Hall                  


                For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon,

                                                         Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes.                                         


                                                 Cllr Skidmore, Cllr Ham

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