Minutes of meeting held on the 4th August 2016


PRESENT:            P Twigger, C Galpin, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes   District Cllr Ham

5 members of the public

CLERK:                   Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          C Kenyon, C Midgley,  & Cllr Skidmore

Declaration of Interest:



4.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT then signed off those for the Planning Meeting held on the18th July as a true copy. SS requested slight alteration to Highways section re. Moat Farm to clarify situation. Clerk to adjust. PT to resign in Sept.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

AS had queries from parishioners.1) Where have the signs for horses gone? 2) Why isn’t there a sign for pedestrians in the road? 3) Where is the 30mph sign? 4) Clarification sought about the legality of the double yellow lines as there is no pole in reference to them. SS stated she would be updating TPC in section 4.5 of this meeting which will address some of these issues and will research any not covered to report back at the Sept meeting.

Ragwort on A361 – Clerk will report to MDC. Query on the Connor Construction site – this will be covered in section 4.3. Parishioners strongly encouraged to continue to pressure MDC about the issues associated with this matter. Parishioner having problems with accessing Broadband Voucher scheme which was advertised on Your View. JS advised to add postcode to activate process.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm

4.1 Planning 

None when Agenda prepared but Clerk advised she has now received the follow up application:

Application No: 2016/1530/FUL Internal/external alterations to Marston House. All the bulky LBC plans for these proposed alterations have been displayed and discussed in detail at the additional planning meeting held  on 18th July in the Village Hall which was well attended by local parishioners. At the moment there is no associated paper copy of this application available. Clerk asked Cllr’s to check details on line and via PT feedback any additional points if necessary. PT and Clerk would liaise and the latter would submit TPC response by the requested date of 23rd August

4.2 Previous Subject Matters

4.2.1 Maintenance issues. JS has cemented in the Dog Bin by the bus shelter and checked with nearest neighbour once fixed in place. She expressed approval and the bin is now in use and emptied by MDC. PT has fixed the new Rubbish Bin in the Community Garden, which is also on the SWP list. Clerk will hold both keys.CG has put up Macmillan direction sign in centre of village and has several more he will display at appropriate points to guide walkers. He has also had signs made to place at the end of Westend Lane stating that it was Access only and no unauthorised cars should enter/park in the Lane (south side). One of these is in place and the other will be fixed near the stone when a post is erected. AS to advise best position.. JS has talked to Kev Gale about the care needed when strimming near the play equipment in the Community Garden. Kev was aware of this and will bear it in mind when he cuts the grass.

4.2.2 Your View. Richard Brooks had produced his first edition which had been well received. Clerk will write to thank him.

4.3 Correspondence

All considered. The latest Connor Construction email from Enforcement Office was read out. Copy available from the Clerk who would continue to seek progress updates.

4.4 Accounts for Payment

4.4.1 Grass cutting –Kev Gale – £100

4.4.2 Printing Your View – Nev Dean – £72.80

4.4.3 Website – Moson Solutions – £162.00

4.4.4 Clerk’s wages – £103.20

Fund Raising Account – slab to fix Community Garden Rubbish Bin – £10.10

4.5 Items to Report:

4.5.1 Highways –SS reported frustration that after a meeting in Feb with Rob Davey and follow up request emails to confirm the ‘lines and signs’ he had agreed, she has now been told that he has left and there is no record of any visit or planned actions! She has no alternative but to start again with Chris Betty, who has returned to work at SCC. Cllr Ham clarified that there is a level of frustration with some personnel and lack of action at Highways and advised SS to email David Fothergill, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Transport and Highways (SCC). Also copy him in so that he can support us to move these issues on as it is unacceptable to spend such a lot of time and considerable effort to no avail. PT had spoken to farmer at Bunns Lane who will clear the culvert and move soil to allay any potential flooding which has been an issue in the past during heavy rainfall. PT will continue to liaise with landowner over this issue.

4.5.2 Ending Loneliness – Community Café initial meeting report. As CM was absent from this meeting, SS explained that although there were not that many people present, it was felt to be a worthwhile session. AS suggested, having spoken to a parishioner who did not attend, that with more targeted publicity and word of mouth, it is worth developing. The young children who attended did appreciate the company of older residents and the need to be aware of how to act in their presence. It was felt they had gained from the experience. It had been suggested that the next event should not be held on a Wednesday as that is Market Day and that Friday may be better. However all aspects are still to be considered. AS had been asked to clarify who would pay for the hire of the Hall. Clerk confirmed it would be the TPC.

4.5.3 Parish Plan – a subcommittee of JS/CG/SS had met and a summary of their meeting was read out (See attached). They initially sought to review the Action points and check the progress made thus far. There will be a need to disseminate information to the parish and ask for individuals to volunteer to take on some work in identified areas in order to move the plan forward as it is a whole parish issue that needs support for improvements to be made. The group will meet again in November to formulate a list of short term, achievable priorities and after publishing these, will then seek the help and support of other parishioners. SS suggested that an initial group could be formed to undertake some basic strimming of overgrown areas/signs which could be done as a part of the biannual Litter pick/parish tidy up.

4.5.4 Bus Service. Michael Gay (Cllr from Wanstrow) has emailed to say that they, plus Batcombe and Witham, along with us, have agreed to support the scheme. He has yet to hear if Frome TC will join us all in underwriting the trial scheme. He suggested the pick-up point for Trudoxhill should be outside the White Hart, which was agreed, and asked if people would like a stop at Asda as well as the Market Place. Cllr’s suggested that a request stop near the Sainsbury’/Homebase area would be useful as well. Clerk will email the responses to Michael.

4.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

4.6.1 Zurich Insurance. Cllr’s had studied the quote which shows a small increase of less than £10.00 from last year and agreed to renew for another year. Cllr’s will look at the renewal costs again next May to obtain a comparison with other companies. In the past Zurich have been good for advice and been competitive but it will be circumspect to seek a comparison. Clerk will note for May 2017.

4.6.2 PCC – Clerk had received a questionnaire after the Agenda had been printed from Avon and Somerset police which needs to be returned by 30th August. PT will complete and if any Cllr wishes to make any points Clerk has asked if they would check on the website and feed comments back to the Chairman to include as part of our response. Individuals can complete the survey by obtaining a copy. Telephone 01275 816377 or online

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 24th August please.

The next Trudoxhill Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 1st September at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs C Midgley, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes.  

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham

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