DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on the 2nd November 2017


PRESENT:           P Twigger, C Galpin, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes, D Valentine. Dist Cllr Skidmore.

7 members of the public

CLERK:                  Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          District Cllr Ham, C Kenyon.

Declaration of Interest:


7.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT signed them off.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

A parishioner expressed much concern and frustration about the lack of action taken by MDC with reference to the Connor Construction site at Cheese Hill. The situation continues to be very difficult for all those who live near with noise and light pollution, as well as environmental problems with oil seepage. There are safety issues with lorries turning into the layby which stopped for a while when police monitored the situation. It has now stated again. Several other parishioners present spoke in agreement and were concerned that they had had no indication or information about the progress of the original application, with deadlines not kept. Comments had been sent and posted on the planning portal but there is no indication of dates by which further action has/is being taken. There is a real need to communicate some idea of the present situation as parishioners feel increasingly frustrated by the whole lack of progress. SS stated that the wider issues of The Builder’s Yard would be discussed when the amended application is discussed later in the meeting.

Meeting resumed at 7.50pm

7.1 Planning 

Application No: 2017/2587/HSE. Erection of new porch. Everleigh Cottage, Trudoxhill. Clerk informed meeting that all Cllr’s had looked at the plans and the agreement was to Approve the Application. There were other cottages with porches in the near vicinity and it would not be detrimental to the street scene. Clerk has submitted response to MDC by requested date of 30/10/17.

Application No: 2017/1847/FUL. Additional tree information/acoustic measures. The Builder’s Yard. Cheese Hill. SS felt it was essential that the TPC should review the wider issue underlying the application as a whole before discussion on the amendments took place. This was agreed as it is still of major concern to the parishioners living near the site, some of whom had expressed their ongoing worries earlier in the meeting during the public section. She read out a letter which was copied to all Cllr’s and parishioners from John Salmon (who lives locally and was Vice Chair of Mendip Planning and is a member of the Town and Country Planning Association). In this, it asks MDC to act on and follow up the Enforcement issues which have been ongoing before the original application was presented in July. PT asked all Cllr’s to study the contents of the letter, to check and submit their opinions on any changes/omissions and to then feed back comments to him by Tuesday 7th Nov. He would then liaise with the Clerk, who would send the appropriate letter to MDC by 10th November. PT asked if Cllr’s had any direct questions/comments at this stage, after District Councillor Skidmore clarified some issues. This course of action was agreed. Cllr Skidmore then explained that Mr Woodridge, the Chief Enforcement Officer is now on extended sick leave.

PT asked for comments on the amendments presented and the general opinion of Cllr’s was that they offered little new benefit and appeared to be another time wasting exercise by the applicant. CG also stated that Historic England were unhappy with the application and there is Knot weed on the land. He then raised a technical issue associated with the submission as it is in Mr Webb’s name rather than the site owner (MG Office Lets Ltd) or the lessee, Connor Construction (South West) Ltd. It therefore does not comply with the Certificate of Ownership (Section 25 of the application form). After a request from Cllr Skidmore, PT read out the original TPC response. It was suggested that a way forward could be for an application for outline planning permission for appropriate dwelling(s) be submitted so that the construction business could move to Coleman Quarry as quickly as possible. All Cllr’s voted to Refuse the Application.

Application No: 2017/2751/HSE. Single storey extension. The Parsonage, Gare Hill. CK had visited the site and all Cllr’s agreed it was compact and not visible. They voted to Approve the Application

Application No: 2017/2421/FUL Equine delivery/collection area plus additional parking. Belle Vue Veterinary Clinic, Trudoxhill. All Cllr’s agreed more space was needed and it was not visible from the road. They voted to Approve the Application.


7.2 Past Subject Matters

7.2.1 Christmas arrangements. DV updated TPC. CG has flyers and will give to Clerk so they can be delivered to all. Father Christmas still needed and suit to be purchased rather then hired. Extra help to set up tables/food. Clerk will approach potential helpers. No guitar player available so there is a need to look for an alternative. DV to meet with Clare (Midgely) to fine tune details. All articles to Richard Brooks have been sent, or will be, by deadline of 13th Nov for Your View. JS confirmed the carols outside White Hart have been organised and a Christmas tree sourced.


7.3 Correspondence

All considered. PT listed them. Clerk will forward an email from Somerset Rivers Authority and the SID results to a parishioner present who requested them.


7.4 Accounts for Payment

7.4.1 Grass cutting – Kev Gale – £100

7.4.2 MCT – Bus subsidy – £51.04

7.4.3 Clerk’s wages – £106.45

7.4.4 V Hall rental (Friendship Café)- £21.00

7.4.5 Data Protection registration fee – Cllr Chris Galpin – £35.00

Sovereign direct debit – playground – £17.99


7.5 Items to Report:

7.5.1 Broadband. CG had been in communication with a parishioner who has expressed frustration about the slow speed in the parish and has written to our MP. David Warburton has stated that he is prepared to come and speak to interested parties and all were keen for this to happen. CG will communicate with the parishioner and then the Clerk will liaise to organise this as early in 2018 as possible .Gigaclear information provided.

7.5.2 Maintenance. Playground fence will be redone within next 2-3 weeks.

7.5.3 SS confirmed that our PSCO is Olga Hapova and that the previous PCSO, Shelley Day, is desk bound because of a back problem. Shelley is still monitoring the speed bike which has visited the parish on several occasions and identified 6 people driving at excess speed thus far. They are continuing to maintain a presence. SS will now pursue the saga of Speed Watch to clarify the current position with Olga. Charlie Higgins (SCC Highways) has sent a team to improve the road at Cheese Hill. SS will continue to monitor.

7.5.4 Village Hall. AS reported that Ann Harding had resumed taking the Minutes at the meetings and that the finances and income from the Hall rentals meant that no fund raising activities were planned at the moment. The floor is due to be replaced with a quote or £14,000 having been accepted. The work will start in January and will take between 2 to 3 weeks. AS will check dates in case the TPC meeting will need to be held at another venue that month


7.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk



Meeting closed at 8.45pm

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 30th November please.

The next Trudoxhill Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham

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