DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on the 2nd March 2017

PRESENT:            P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, J Symes

6 members of the public

CLERK:                  Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          District Cllr’s Ham & Skidmore, A Steele.

Declaration of Interest:


11.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT then signed off.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

No comments from the parishioner’s present. PT then introduced Mr Doug Valentine, who has applied for the Parish Council vacancy after the resignation of Cllr Clare Midgley. The details he had provided had been circulated and PT proposed the vote. All Cllrs voted in favour and Doug was welcomed to the TPC. He completed the required paperwork and joined the group for the restarting of the formal session.

Meeting resumed at 7.40pm.

11.1 Planning 

A parishioner had raised the issue of the Gregg’s Food outlet at Nunney Catch garage for which the TPC had received no planning application. The Clerk and PT had liaised with MDC and then District Cllr Skidmore to clarify the situation. An application (2017/0193/FUL) had been submitted to MDC but was incomplete. The Enforcement Officer had visited the site and a date of 23rd February was given to provide information on ventilation and an exact location plan. Nothing has been received and a letter has been sent requesting a reply within 14 days. Cllr Skidmore and the Enforcement team were unaware that the business is now trading and the former would pursue the situation and report to us as soon as he had more details. The Clerk will communicate any updates to the TPC and concerned parishioners.  .

11.2 Previous Subject Matters

11.2.1 Bus Service – a request for the January contribution of £62.24 had been received from MCT via Michael Gay but no other details had been received.

11.2.2 Parish Clean up – this Saturday 4th. JS to issue equipment at 10.30am after refreshments at 10am when, depending on numbers, areas to clear will be chosen. Black bins will then be collected from Village Hall car park on Monday. PT and JS will remove broken grit bin from the verge by Lawn Farm and replace with new one being delivered on 03/03/17.

11.3 Correspondence

All considered. PT read out a summary of the emails received.

Connor Construction: a copy of the email sent to David Woodridge was read out which requests a time limit be set for the submission of any application from Mr Webb to ensure that the matter is settled rather than being allowed to drag on indefinitely. An offer to provide a detailed outline of the history of the usage of the site was also included, The Clerk was requested to check a response was received by the April meeting CG informed all that SWP had an offer of free compost bins for anyone interested. Clerk has written to the key holder of The Chapel, who will pass on concerns about the fabric of the building to their area worker. There is an issue about the lack of support with parishioners not attending at the Chapel and it may be that because of this there is a possibility that it will be forced to close. Clerk will continue to liaise about this issue.

11.4 Accounts for Payment

11.4.1 Contribution to MCT for bus subsidy (Jan) – £62.24

11.4.2 Sovereign Playground Maintenance monthly contract – via direct debt – £14.99+VAT

11.4.3 Village Hall hire x 2. Friendship Café – £42.00

11.4.4 Clerk’s wages – £103.20

11.4.5 Expenditure – Laser printer cartridge – £43.43

11.5 Items to Report:

11.5.1 Highways. SS reported that the road closure of the lane from Iron Mills Bridge – Marston Pound was because it is dangerous and liable to collapse. Anyone using the road will not be insured but drivers are removing the sign. CM has highlighted this on the enewsletter. Because of lack of money, SCC may not be able to repair the road until the new financial year starting in April. The state of the verge towards the top of Gare Hill is a problem and SS has reported it again to SCC Traffic Engineer, Chris Betty. A sign to slow traffic coming down is the responsibility of WCC. Parishioners have noted an increase in lorry use and speeds and this is being reported to Highways. An old photograph of historic signage was circulated and will be passed on to appropriate people. SS and CK will continue to look at ways of improving the safety of drivers using the route. Some white lines have been painted in the village and all should be done (weather permitting) by the end of March. PCSO has asked for more time to investigate the speed camera and it may be that official training is required. The issue is dragging on and becoming increasingly frustrating. SS will chase up.

11.5.2 Parish Plan. JS, SS and CG reported on issues. Speed Watch was discussed. (see 11.5.1) and an advert will be placed in the Postlebury News/Your View with a potential follow up flyer. Clerk suggested that as new householders coming to live in the parish, they would be unaware of the plan of any of this follow up work. She has the original pdf and could send to any interested people. JS will prepare some information to circulate. One aspect of the plan needs to be discussed at each TPC and Clerk will Agenda monthly. CG reported that for the village ‘Gigaclear’ have a service in place at a price but the wider areas of the parish may take up to 3 years. Check at–

11.5.3 Clerk’s Contract. PT and the |Clerk had met to look at the standard National Association of Local Councils contract and suggested small changes which had been studied by all Cllr’s. After some discussion about the public liability aspect of working from home and the insurance of TPC property it was agreed to revise part of the contract and it was then adopted and signed. It was agreed that the salary scale would start at the NALC Hourly scale SCP Scale 15 of £8.87 and be reviewed yearly at an appraisal meeting with the Clerk. This is an increase from the hourly rate of £8.60 which has been in place for the three years that the present Clerk has held the post.

11.5.4 Communications. CG is working with Clare Midgley to look at the administration of the website and would like to discuss ways of communicating to all in the parish in the most effective ways. JS felt that it was improving with the enewsletter and social media but it was agreed that a fresh and more consistent approach was needed. The. Clerk then issued a copy of the now out dated’ Cllr Roles and Responsibilities. She suggested that it would be an opportune point to look at the whole area and to come to the April meeting with suggestions of the best way forward before new roles are allocated. This was agreed.

11.5.5 Village Hall – their meeting had need cancelled. The Clerk had phoned Sarah Johnson, who runs the activities group on Friday mornings in the Hall to thank her for her work with our youngsters and offer support. She had also spoken to Julie (Britten) about the Friendship Café and will check with her about her plans for the next year as this is subsidised by the TPC at the moment.

11.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

11.6.1 Marston Pound. The Ash trees had been reported as unsafe and PT had spoken to the owner of the land. He will assess this situation and deal with the trees within the next few weeks.

11.6.2 Sovereign Playground Inspection – copy of report had been studied and the first visit stated that there were no issues to address. Clerk to check with Clare M about the manufacturers of some of the exercise equipment as PT thought it was all installed by Sovereign.

CK brought in the signed contract from BT. Gare Hill residents now have their own box to adapt and maintain as they wish. The Clerk will file and copy relevant section to use as an Invoice the £1.00 paid for its purchase.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 22nd March please.

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham


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