DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on the 2nd February 2017

PRESENT:            P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, C Midgley, S Salmon, J Symes

5 members of the public

CLERK:                  Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          District Cllr’s Ham & Skidmore, A Steele.

Declaration of Interest:


10.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT then signed off.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

A parishioner updated the TPC on work to Marston Church with the scaffolding and roof work starting in mid-February and the bell ringers able to use the tower at weekends. Some work to trim the Yew trees is also taking place. The TPC were also told of an email from Mr Woodridge, the Enforcement Officer, stating that the use of the site at The Builder’s Yard, Cheese |Hill was not illegal. This will be covered in the formal meeting (10.2.2).Concern was expressed about the structural problems with the Chapel. Although this is not something that the Council has any influence on, it was agreed that a letter or phone call from the Clerk to the key holder may add some weight to the request for some action to be taken to preserve the historic building.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm.

10.1 Planning 

No applications received but MDC had granted Approval for Applications 2016/2539/FUL: Recovering the Nave roof Church of St Leonard, Marston and 2016/2291/OTA: an agricultural workers dwelling at Rectory Farm, Marston Bigot

10.2 Previous Subject Matters

10.2.1 Bus Service –Michael Gay has requested that we, along with the other parishes concerned, apply for a joint grant under the ‘Awards for All’ scheme. JS and CK volunteered to liaise with Michael to clarify details and to prepare our section of the bid under guidance from him. Clerk to email their contact details. There was also a request to continue to support the scheme from the end of this month to the end of June (18 weeks). The monthly contributions are falling and after discussion, it was agreed to continue to offer our support and to ensure maximum publicity be given to the continuing discount scheme via the enewsletter/Your View and social media.

10.2.2 Connor Construction. As a result of the email discussed at the January TPC meeting, a parishioner with a background in planning has suggested that the options given to Mr Webb either to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or to submit a Planning Application needs to be given a clear date by when either of the two actions should be instigated. The matter should not be allowed to drag on. SS will provide the Clerk with the appropriate technical phrasing and the Clerk will email this to the Enforcement Officer.

10.3 Correspondence

All considered. PT read out a summary of the email received. CG will prepare and runoff the posters advertising the Great British Spring Clean /Parish Clean up for the Clerk to arrange distribution. This should be done within the next week for maximum lead in time. Clerk will arrange the admin details with MDC re collection of bags etc.

10.4 Accounts for Payment

10.4.1 Contribution to MCT for bus subsidy (Dec) – £63.25

10.4.2 Sovereign Playground Maintenance monthly contract – via direct debt – £14.99+VAT

10.4.3 Moson Solutions – website hosting – £60.00

10.4.4 Clerk’s wages – £103.20

From the Fund Raising account – for the Children’s Christmas party – £254.58 (craft material purchased upfront will be kept and made).available for the next party

10.5 Items to Report:

10.5.1 Highways. SS explained that she and the Clerk had met with Sara Davis (SCC Highways) to look at the placing of the 30mph repeater by Bridge House and after discussing the options the TPC decided that30mph roundel should be painted on the road surfaces as near as allowed to the bend by the bridge. SS will inform SCC of our decision. They re-stated that, weather permitting, the white lines would be painted within weeks and certainly within this financial year. Both the PCSO and Sara have informed us that a speed detector camera may be available for loan and if a volunteer could be found to organise a group of parishioners then this could be another way of tackling the problems of speeding. A parishioner present offered to undertake this task and will liaise with SS about the next step. Mr Stafford was thanked for his offer of support

10.5.2 Parish Plan. JS, SS and CG had met to review progress with sections of the 10 year plan and had produced a summary which was circulated. Cllr’s were asked to study the report to be discussed in detail at the March meeting. Clerk will add to Agenda and a summary will be sent out on the enewsletter after.

10.5.3 Playgroup. CM has stood down as Chair of the Caterpillars group. She explained that historically it had been supported by youngsters in the parish but now there were mainly Frome parents/childminders using the hall. The group had an advantageous rate kindly allowed by the V Hall committee for annual rental. However with CM resignation and her lack of involvement with the group from now on the situation has changed. The Clerk asked for an inventory of equipment which the TPC owned and were responsible for and suggested that it was essential that another Cllr took over responsibility for keeping a ‘watching brief’ on the organisers. This was agreed but all roles will be reallocated after a new Cllr is elected to replace CM. CM asked if the TPC would be willing to support the parishioner who is running another group on Friday mornings which is attended by many more children from the parish. She requested that we approach the VH committee to see if they would consider offering a reduced rate to this group and to thank Sarah Johnson for her initiative as she is putting in a lot of hard work to ensure the children have an excellent experience and financially supporting it as it finds its feet. This will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting and the Clerk will brief AS who is the link Cllr with the V H committee. The TPC wishes to state how grateful they were to the committee for their support with community events held at the hall.

10.5.4 Footpaths. CG was in the process of looking at and trying to obtain support to improve the surface and drainage on, the footpath at the north end of West End Lane. The path is very poor and ways to rectify this are being sought. He will update the TPC as progress is made. SCC appear to have accepted that they own the land under the A361 underpass but have yet to confirm. CG will continue to chase up. He is planning to organise a walking group which he hopes will start in the spring

10.5.5 Maintenance. JS and PT have checked the broken grit bin by lawns farm. SS will order a replacement as the Clerk confirmed there is money left in this year’s budget. JS asked for it to be delivered to him and he and PT will replace the broken one. SCC will refill. Clerk is liaising with horse riders to identify where any new warning signs may be needed but Cllr’s requested support from any parishioner who spots a sign that can be easily repaired to try to do so as they are trying to tackle several issues and need community support. JS will mend the sign by Iron Mills Bridge. The Playground Maintenance contract will now start and CM will continue to be the link person undertaking this as a committed parishioner rather than a Cllr.

NB. AS absent – nothing to report from the Village Hall meeting.

10.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

10.6.1 Clerk’s Yearly Review. Clerk has suggested that an annual review meeting should be set up as in other parishes. TPC agreed and a sub group will be formed to meet annually to do this. Personnel and date in March to be organised by PT to report at the next meeting.

10.6.2 Clerk will start process of appointing a new Cllr and display initial adverts which will be displayed for 14 days from tomorrow.

CG requested a slot to update TPC about Broadband. Nunney and The Catch area are able to connect to superfast broadband. He has emailed our MP who has promised to continue his support for action. David Warburton explained that we are in phase 2 of the roll out by Gigaclear and Connecting Devon & Somerset. Dates not yet known. Suggests to look at CDS website in a couple of weeks to check ones postcode for further information on the timescale. CM will keep TPC update.


Meeting closed at 8.55 pm

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 22nd February please.

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs C Midgley, Mrs S Salmon, Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes.

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham


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