Minutes of meeting held on 1st June 2017

PRESENT:            P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, J Symes, D Valentine

3 members of the public

CLERK:                   Georgina Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:          A Steele, Cllr’s Ham & Skidmore

Declaration of Interest:


2.0 The Minutes

Having been circulated, PT then signed them off as a true copy.

Meeting then suspended at 7.35 pm for:

Members of the Public Comments:

Beat Manager PC Matt Thomas attended and introduced himself. He apologised that PCSO Shelley Day had not been in contact but she has had a back problem and is office bound at the moment. She has, however, responded to a request to meet SS and this will be reported in 2.5.1 of the formal meeting. Matt explained that he has been in Frome for a year, after 5 years in Bristol, and was very pleased to now have responsibility for the rural areas. He stated his commitment with helping to identify and reduce speeding in parishes and will offer spot checks with Police vans and motor bikes as well as support with Speed watch and help for individual parishioners. It is a priority for him and his team as it is a major concern for all areas. He is very keen to support all parishes with this and other areas of concern i.e. rural theft of property and livestock. He is also liaising with MDC about fly tipping and will proactively pursue offenders. PT thanked him for his attendance and enthusiasm and will look forward to working with him and his team. It is a very positive start after a period where the parish felt little actual action was being taken. There is a possibility of police attendance at the next TPC. Clerk will liaise and advertise if appropriate.

Meeting resumed at 7.45pm

2.1 Planning 

Application No: 2016/3121/VCR Additional information for removal of conditions 1, 2 & 3 from Appeal APP/Q3305/A/1/296679. Discussion about this had taken place when the original application was submitted and the new addition of screening was felt to be advantageous to the plot. However, the original decision to Refuse was submitted as Cllr’s had felt it should be time limited and for the named occupant of the mobile homes only. Cllr’s therefore, after discussions, agreed that these issues are still of major concern and voted to maintain their position and to Refuse the Application. Clerk will convey this by 02/06/17 as the TPC had been granted a short time extension to submit their comments.

CK (Cllr with responsibility for Planning Issues) reported on the two areas of concern that had been raised by parishioners. The Enforcement Officer, Tom Boyle has registered the issues and will inform CK of developments in the investigation. The two issues reported were:

1) Siting of a caravan/mobile home to the north side of the cycle path, Old Road to Main Road, Nunney.

2) Erection of 2 metre high fence/single story structure, west side of access. Land at Bunns Lane.

Application No: 2016/0435/VCR. The Clerk informed the TPC that this application had been received on 30/05/17 with a responses date of 20th June. She asked Cllr’s to look at the details on line/circulate the printed information and send comments to PT by 16th June. PT will collate opinions and Clerk will forward the decision to MDC. She will highlight this issue and display on Notice Boards/website in the Minutes so that interested parishioners can research and respond to MDC if appropriate. Cllr Valentine will not be involved as he has ‘Disclosed an Interest’.

SS asked if the Enforcement Officer had replied with information requested about the Planning Application for Connor Construction site. The. Clerk informed TPC that she had had no feedback from her email sent several weeks ago and requested that the Chairman used his influence to try to obtain a reply. PT will phone David Woodridge to discuss the issue tomorrow (02/06/17)

2.2 Previous Subject Matters  

2.2.1 Bus subsidy – Michael Gay has sent in a request for the parishes concerned to decide whether

to underwrite until end of August when for Trudoxhill, the information about the grant application would be

known (Option 1) or to stop funding with the result that the service would then cease from 28th June

(Option 2).  Cllr’s agreed to Option 1 but stressed it will need detailed discussions as to its viability in the

future. Clerk will add to the August Agenda

2.3 Correspondence

All considered. PT had attended FTC AGM and made a useful contact for information on a volunteer car scheme which may be an option in the future

2.4 Accounts for Payment

2.4.1 Grass cutting –Kev Gale – £100

2.4.2 Clerk’s wages – additional 10 hours for APM/Audit work – £177.55

2.4.3 Bus subsidy – MCT – £67.49

2.4.4 Friendship Café. V Hall rent – £21.00

2.4.5 Bookkeeping/HMRC returns – J Lewis – £100.00

Direct debit Sovereign playground maintenance – £17.99

2.5 Items to Report:

2.5.1 Highways. SS reported Moat Farm drainage work had been successfully completed and a letter of thanks sent to Highways .Gare Hill, WCC had responded very promptly re replacing faded signs. Cones now placed by SCC on verge at side of hill, so presumption is that it will be attended to. CK to meet the Transport manager of George’s (Bruton) to discuss the speed of lorries using the road. He will report back once the meeting has taken place. SS to meet new PSCO at police station to discuss speeding/signs in the parish. Clerk will postpone purchase of Slow Down signs until the results of this meeting are known. She will liaise with SS.

2.5.2 Footpaths. CG has reported the unauthorised placing of large boulders at the entrance to the A361 underpass to the Rights of Way Officer and SCC Highways. He had not heard but the boulders have disappeared. Fly tipping of a washing machine now left in the area will be reported by the Clerk tomorrow (02/06/17). As with the settee left a while ago, parishioners are asked to keep an eye out and report any incidents to MDC.

2.5.3 Village Hall AGM. AS cannot attend on 22nd June but Chairman will go to represent TPC.

2.5.4 Parish Plan Subcommittee of JS, SS and CG had met and CG circulated written updates. Focus will now be on parking issues within the village/Village Hall. Discussions about possible purchase of extra land for future young parishioners, who now use the Community Garden. Communications are being reviewed and with DV and CG now responsible for this area the whole issue will be reviewed and revamped gradually with Mats (Moson) and the Clerk involved to look at future needs and initiatives. Clerk was asked to check about the possible need to register under the Data Protection Act which she will do and report back. Need for Clerk plus one Cllr to be named.

2.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

2.6.1. Annual Return. Ken Gray had completed the internal audit. Clerk has writen to thank him for his continued work on our behalf. PT signed Section 2 of the official form from Grant Thornton and all paper work checked. Clerk will post these forms on Thursday 8th June and then display the ‘Exercise of Public Rights’ information on notice boards, and on the website. This will include the caveat ‘unaudited and may be subject to change’.

2.6.2 CK raised issues from a parishioner concerned about Network Rail cutting back foliage/trees beside the track at the Bunns Lane layby. The Clerk advised that as this is on company owned property the parishioner should be encouraged to continue to communicate and lobby them directly at this stage. SS suggested approaching Conservation organisations and other similar bodies for advice and support.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

All Agenda items to the Clerk by Wednesday 28th June, please.

The July 2017 Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm Thursday 6th, Trudoxhill Village Hall

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, and Revd. A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine

District Councillors:  Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham

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