Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on 8th May 2017

PRESENT:              P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, A Steele, J Symes, D Valentine

7 members of the public

CLERK:                 G Blackshaw

APOLOGIES:       S Salmon

Welcome by Chairman

PT welcomed parishioners and thanked everyone for their support.

6.0       Apologies


6.1      The Minutes:

PT read the Minutes from the 2016 APM and signed them off as a true copy.

6.2       Matters Arising


6.3       Chairman’s Report  

PT introduced Summary of Achievements and set targets for the coming year – see Attached. He gave more detailed information about some of the points. Thanks expressed to Clare Midgley who has now resigned from the Council but has volunteered to oversee the administration of matters concerned with the Community Garden. The Parish Clean up continues to attract more volunteers due in part to the social aspects of refreshments being provided at the start. SID results show a large number of cars passing through the village and speeds are still a concern.  Thanks expressed to Richard Brooks (Longwaite Farm) for support with the Christmas tree electricity supply. The Parish Plan is being reviewed by a subcommittee of Cllrs and the progress made is reported to parishioners via the TPC meetings. Cllr Chris Kenyon has undertaken a new role as Cllr responsible for potential breeches of planning to give people the opportunity to report areas of concern before it is too late. He will liaise with the MDC Enforcement team to report and monitor these potential problems. The Plan will continue to be one of the main focus points for 2017/18 and work to address issues raised would continue. Paul and Nikki Warden continue to do a superb  job checking, clearing and reporting footpath issues supported by Cllr Galpin,  Richard Brooks was thanked for his work producing Your View and parishioners encouraged to provide copy. Nev Dean was also thanked for printing the newsletter so efficiently. The work on improvements to Highways issues continues and has resulted in some positive results with new lines and signs appearing plus the eventual drainage work at Moat Farm being undertaken. SS was thanked for her dedication to the issues. It will continue to be a major focus for the TPC.  AS continues to attend the Village Hall committee meetings and liaise with the Council. The phone box at Gare Hill is now owned by the Council and will be maintained by the residents. A parishioner has kindly painted the Trudoxhill box and was thanked for the effort and although wanting to remain anonymous, a letter of thanks will be left at the White Hart. A full copy of the Summary of Achievements will be posted.

6.4    Review of Yearly Accounts

PT issued copies of the balance sheet which shows we have kept within the budget despite extra expenses for the bus subsidy. The Clerk will arrange for a copy to be posted on boards and the website stating it is ‘unaudited’

6.5    Precept for 2017/18


6.6     Comments from Floor


6.7     Concluding Remarks

The Chairman thanked all Councillors and the Clerk for their hard work and acknowledged the time and effort put in behind the scenes to enhance and develop the parish. He also thanked parishioners for their support with parish issues and attendance at TPC meetings.


The meeting closed at 7.20pm. The next meeting will be held in May 2018

For the attention of: P Twigger, C Galpin, C Kenyon, S Salmon, A Steele, J Symes, D Valentine.

District Councillors: Dick Skidmore and Philip Ham


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