MONDAY 18TH JULY 2016  from 7 – 8pm Village Hall


To discuss:

Internal and external alterations and refurbishment to Marston House, Marston Bigot. App No: 2016/1531/LBC.


Present: Patrick Twigger, Chris Kenyon, Sheila Salmon, Angela Steele, Jon Symes

Apologies: Chris Galpin, Clare Midgley

Clerk: Georgie Blackshaw

Members of the public: 14


No Disclosure of interest.


Formal meeting suspended at 7.10pm for Members of the Public to speak.


Mark Watson, the Architect, spoke about the need to make Marston House into a family home and then worked through the plans displayed. He focussed on the main rooms of interest and explained about the detailed research undertaken. Discussions are ongoing with Listed Buildings personnel. There are 8 heating systems at the moment and these will be rationalised into one system housed in a plant room. Some areas of the estate will be subject to another planning application at a later date. Office accommodation will be converted to bedrooms and Mark used a variety of illustrations to explain the changes proposed.

Questions were taken which were responded to and there were very positive comments from parishioners who were pleased to see such sensitive restoration work. They appreciated this opportunity to access the information.


Formal TPC meeting resumed at 7.45pm


PT asked for Cllr’s to comment and all were of the opinion that it was an impressive and detailed application showing sensitivity. It would be closely monitored as it is a Listed Building and the owners have made every effort to provide information. CG and CM had sent in their postive opinions on the scheme. PT asked for a vote and all Cllr’s agreed to Recommend Approval.

The Clerk will email James U’Dell, Case Officer, before the deadline date of July 21st.

The Chairman thanked Mark Watson, the Architect, and colleagues for their time and everyone for attending the meeting.


The meeting closed at 8.00pm

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