Thursday 4 July 2019 at 7.30pm at Trudoxhill Village Hall


Disclosure of Interest


19.10   Minutes of the last meeting

To approve minutes of last meeting

Meeting to be suspended for the Public to speak for 2 minutes on any relevant issue.

19.11   Planning

19.11.1 Decision Notice 

Application Number: 2019/0907/HSE and Application Number: 2019/0908/LBC

19.12   Past subject matters

19.12.1 The Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations

To agree work required to make website compliant (CG)

19.12.2 Ordnance Survey (CG)

19.12.3 Roles and Responsibilities

To confirm individual councillor areas of interest and responsibility

19.13  Correspondence and Emails  

19.13.1  Website statistics

19.13.2  Market Place, MDC, 07.06.19

19.13.3  Parish Forum, MDC, 13.06.19

19.13.4  Meetings Frome Town Council

19.13.5 Chair of Council’s Annual Civic Service, 05.10.19

19.13.6  Seminar, Code of Conduct Explained, 10,07,19

19.13.7  Enhance Social Enterprise Programme

19.13.8  Service Delivery Proposal, Devon & Somerset Fire Service

19.13.9  Trees for Somerset

19.14   Finance

19.14.1 To present current financial statement

19.14.2 To present accounts for payment

19.14.3 To discuss type of account for TPC

19.15  Items to report

19.15.1 Highways (SS)

19.15.2  SpeedWatch (SS)

19.15.3  Parish Plan Review (CG)

19.15.4 Fundraising Events (RMT/CBC)

19.15.5 Your View (DV)

19.15.6 Community Garden – inspections and insurance (DV)

19.15.7  Village Hall Committee (RMT)

19.16   Other Business referred to the Clerk

19.17   To confirm date of next TPC meeting as Thursday 1 August 2019 and Chairman

All members of the Council are summoned to attend the meeting as detailed above to discuss and resolve the business on this Agenda.   

Rachel Nield: Clerk to Trudoxhill Parish Council        For the attention of: Mr C Bonham-Christie, Mrs D Francis, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D Valentine, District Cllr Michael Gay