Dear Parishioners

To keep you up to date with the on-going work at St Leonards Church, I felt it was better to write to you all.

Church yard Wall – Back in early 2016 we applied for a grant to repair the retaining wall around the church yard. We were successful and we secured a grant from the Big Lottery Fund. This was put to good use and the wall has been repaired to a high standard. The grant was closed in April 2017. There is still more work to do on other part of the wall around the church, which will be dealt with in due course.


Church Roof – We had several problems with the roof leaking, so it was agreed that we would approach the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund. St Leonards was one of the lucky churches who were granted money for this much needed repair work, the amount we were granted was £98,300 this along with donations and fund raising money secured the roof repair and the builders started work on it at the beginning of March 2017.

It is coming along in leaps and bounds, they have taken off the old asbestos sheets, made good the wood underneath and they are in the process of putting slates on to replace the asbestos. It is anticipated that the roof repair will be completed by the end of May. The church then will need a good clean to get it ready for the services that are planned. If anyone has any spare time during the clean up any help will be appreciated.


Church Windows – During the inspection of the church it was found that a couple of the windows had problems, where the lead was coming away from the glass and you could see day light. This would have been because of the condensation that is in the church. We enlisted the help of Dan Humphries who is a very clever stain glass window man. He took two panels out from two windows and secured the opening so that the church was safe and dry. He then took these two panels back to his workshop where he has been working on them to repair them. These windows are dated back to the 1800’s so are very special. We have no funding for these yet but we are in the process of trying to secure a grant.


Church Cramps – Those of you who do not know what a cramp is, it is a metal tie that goes into the stone to secure it, these were put in Marston Church when the church was moved back in the 1700’s, from the front of Marston House to where it is now. Over the years they corrode and weaken. We have had an expert come to check them and to see what can be done to repair them and to ensure the long life of the stone work. Again we are in the process of trying to find a grant to cover the cost of this work.


Church ideas – We are looking at the church heating again and also the water, which is on a standpipe outside by the wall. We need to get it into the church and have a tap in the vestry.


I will write to you all again when we are ready to go forward with the next instalment.


Angela Yeoman, Jane Norris & John Leach

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