Trudoxhill is blessed with a marvellous network of footpaths, many running through and around the village, but also across the countryside towards Nunney, Marston, Gare Hill, Witham Friary, Postlebury Wood and beyond. The long distance path, the Macmillan Way, which runs from Boston, Lincolnshire to Abbotsbury in Dorset, comes through Nunney, straight through the centre of our village, past the White Hart and on across the fields to Gare Hill. So, there is no excuse. Get those walking boots on and get out into our wonderful countryside.


The Macmillan Way organisation also provide an accommodation guide to long distance walkers. If there is anyone who would like to offer B & B, or just a room for the night, to passing walkers and lives within half a mile of the Macmillan Way route you can have a free entry in the guide. Contact details are on the website . Apparently the guide has a number of entries for Nunney, but none for Trudoxhill.


Walkers Unite! Sometimes, rather than a solitary stroll, it’s nice to go out with a group of other like-minded people to enjoy some fresh air. So, would anybody be interested in taking part in group walks in and around the parish? If anyone is interested in that idea please get in touch with Chris Galpin on 01373 836227 or email, with the idea of organising a walk. Watch this space for more details.


Adopt a Footpath! Footpaths are are up for adoption – it’s official!!  If you have a footpath near you that is looking sad and unloved and in need of a bit of TLC, this may be for you. Last year Somerset County Council launched an Adopt a Footpath scheme. If you are happy to use the path, keep stiles or gates clear and report problems, the council will provide tools and gloves, and insurance cover for you when you are performing that role. If you are interested you can find more information and apply at .


Be a responsible walker Please keep dogs under control, especially near livestock, pick up dog mess and close gates after you. A dog bin will soon be installed near the centre of the village. West End Lane is a Restricted Byway and that means vehicle access for residents and land users only. There have been times when parked cars have prevented access to property, or livestock, so please don’t drive, or park, in West End Lane unless you are accessing your property.

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