I expect by now you will be aware that two broadband providers – Voneus and Truespeed – are offering to connect local properties to their fibre optic cable networks. Isn’t it great that after all these years of 3rd rate BT service we now have two high-speed broadband providers offering a much improved service!

Given that you may be contacted by both companies and may be thinking about signing up to a faster service, hopefully the following comparison of the two offerings may be useful.

Both companies are proposing to use existing poles and ducting, where possible, to route the fibre optic cable. Truespeed will only install where they have enough people signed up, so for Trudoxhill village they need 27 customers and, 15 have currently signed up. If it does not reach the required target they may not provide a service. If you are outside of a population centre you may also be lucky if you are on a cable route to another village. They want to reach all properties that want their service, but this may be at extra cost, or at a later date. Voneus have said they will upgrade all existing customers and are also hoping to expand on that by contacting non-customers in the area.

The basic features of the two provider’s residential packages are as follows:

Truespeed versus Voneus


Voneus are saying they should be able to offer connections in about 6 months. Truespeed are saying their lead time is around 12 months, but if you sign up now and haven’t been connected within 6 months, you are free to cancel. They also say that if you are in contract with another provider you can sign up now, but your new contract with them will not start until expiry of your current deal.

Truespeed also offer a free connection to the Village Hall for life, if they get the required take up in Trudoxhill village.

For more information and details of Business services see the providers’ websites

Details of the Broadband UK Voucher scheme can be found here

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