CLERK:       Mrs Georgie Blackshaw, The Orchard, Trudoxhill, BA11 5DP


CHAIRMAN:  Mr Patrick Twigger


End of Year Summary May 2017


The following has been achieved over the past year:

  1. The Community Gardens are well used with a parishioner’s family taking over responsibility for the maintenance of the raised beds. Thank you for this. A litter bin has been bought and put in place and a monthly Maintenance and Repair package purchased from Sovereign, who installed most of the equipment. Clare Midgley has agreed to continue to oversee the area despite resigning from the Council. We are grateful for her support.
  2. Donations to Marston Church  £250
  3. The Parish Clean up is organised twice yearly by Cllr Symes. Greater publicity and provision of refreshments at the start of the session means it has been much better supported by parishioners and appreciated by all. Several parishioners also continue to pick up litter throughout the parish over the year and their efforts are much appreciated.
  4. Parish Maintenance. A broken Grit Bin has been replaced near Lawn Farm and after many years, a Dog Waste Bin has been purchased and erected near the old bus shelter, Foghamshire Lane, in the centre of the village.
  5. Christmas tree and carols plus Christmas party for children Thanks to all helpers plus AS for electricity for tree. Music and atmosphere outside the White Hart was excellent. The new format for the Children’s party worked well and a large group of youngsters attended (50+). It was also encouraging to see more local people volunteering to take responsibility for aspect of the preparation and running of the event and augurs well for the future. Thanks to all involved.
  6. Speed Indicator Reports issued to Cllr’s twice a year.
  7. Parish Plan. This is being monitored quarterly with a subcommittee of the TPC meeting to review and work out actions to keep the momentum and report and update on relevant matters. One result of this initiative is the appointment of a Councillor for planning issues. Any parishioners can report areas of concern to Chris Kenyon who will take initial responsibility for this. This was the main target for 2016/17 and will continue to be the focus for the following year.
  8. Parish footpaths. Paul and Nikki Warden have continued their good work for another year, monitoring and maintaining our local footpaths, including clearing 75 stiles and gates for which they keep a comprehensive record. Many thanks to them for their hard work. Major faults are reported to the Rights of Way Officer and are repaired either by SCC contractors or by the Ramblers Association. The A361 underpass was not officially designated as a highway or right of way. This discrepancy has been identified and is being dealt with by SCC. Many thanks also to parishioners living near footpaths who continue to annually clear and maintain them.
  9. Meetings have been held with Chris Betty and Sara Davis (MDC Sign and Lines) and as a result worn speed restriction signs have been replaced and road marking introduced to increase driver awareness in Trudoxhill village and at Iron Mills Bridge. Further plans to discourage speeding are being explored. The collapsed drain on Iron Bridge lane which was closed for several weeks was mended earlier than expected and reopened by Highways. Finally, after a long wait, drainage issues on Tuckmarsh Lane are soon to be resolved and safety issues near and on the bend at Gare Hill are to be addressed.
  10. Parish Communications. Cllr Midgly working with Mats Olsson (Moson Solutions) and the Clerk have continued to update the website, provide posts of Facebook and Twitter and send out the regular enewsletter. Richard Brooks, a parishioner, has kindly taken over as editor of Your View, our quarterly newsletter which is printed by Nev Dean, another local stalwart for distribution to all dwellings in the parish. Many thanks to all who support this long established parish initiative.
  11. The Council has provided financial support to subsidise the weekly bus service to Frome run by MCT. Witham and Wanstrow PC’s plus Frome work with us, led by Michael Gay (Witham PC), to maintain this service. We have also paid for the hire of the Village Hall to support a local parishioner, Julie Britten, who gives up her time to organise and run the monthly community Friendship Café.
  12. The Village Hall. Cllr Steele attends the monthly meetings to liaise and enhance our links and communications.
  13. The Council have purchased the BT phone box (for £1.00) at Gare Hill. This was requested by the parishioners living near and they have a group of volunteers to repaint and maintain the box. There are plans to revamp the box in the centre Trudoxhill this year. Target 2017.
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