CLERK:           Mrs Georgie Blackshaw, The Orchard, Trudoxhill, BA11 5DP


CHAIRMAN:  Mr Patrick Twigger


End of Year Summary May 2016


The following has been achieved over the past year:


  1. Completion of the updated Community Garden to provide play and adult exercise equipment plus a seating area and small vegetable growing containers for all the community. Councillor Midgley continues to oversee the H&S checks and further small improvements for 2016/17
  2. Donations to Marston Church  £250
  3. Litter picking is organised twice yearly by Cllr Symes. With greater publicity and provision of refreshments at the start of the session, it has been much better supported by parishioners and appreciated by all.
  4. Christmas tree and carols plus Christmas party for children Thanks to all helpers plus AS for electricity for tree. Music and atmosphere outside the White Hart was excellent. The party did not attract that many children and will not be viable in the future with such low attendance.. Cllr Midgley will review the format and marketing for 2016.
  5. Speed Indicator Reports issued to Cllr’s twice a year.
  6. Your View still being produced but struggling to find a new editor at this time.
  7. Parish Plan. This was produced by a team led by Cllr Symes and delivered to every household in the parish. 38% of parishioners replied and the Action Points are being considered. The Council has/will continue to respond to the issues identified in the 10 year plan and it will be the focus and main target for 2016/17
  8. Grass Cutting  contract put out to tender and awarded to Kev Gale
  9. Parish footpaths. Paul and Nikki Warden have taken over monitoring and maintaining our footpaths, including clearing 75 styles and gates for which they keep a comprehensive record. Thanks to them for this. Cllr Galpin has liaised with SCC who will reinstate the annual vegetation clearance in West End Lane. Parishioners have cleared overgrown paths from Smithwick’s Bridge to the railway crossing. MacMillan Way organisers have provided way markers to clearly identify routes through the parish.
  10. Highways improvements have resulted in three major sections of roads resurfaced and two bridges repaired in the last year. Cllr Salmon has met with Charlie Higgins (MDC Highways), PC John Gould and Robert Davey (MDC Lines and Signs) to review various maintenance and safety issues raised by parishioners as it was identified as a target for 2015/16. Positive outcomes mean that work on white lines to narrow the roads and reduce speed plus new road signs are now planned for this next financial year. We will continue to monitor and follow up as appropriate.
  11. Parish Website. Cllr Midgley has spent considerable time working with Mats Olsson (Moson Solutions) to complete the updating of the site which has now been launched and which can be edited directly by the parish council. This meets the target set last year and provides us with a more modern and user friendly site
  12. Parish Communications. Cllr Midgely and our previous Cllr, Adam Pereira, have/are developing other ways of communication so that as many people as possible can access information about our parish using social media. We are now on Facebook and Twitter
  13. The Village Hall. A new chairman, Dean Silvester has been appointed and Cllr Steele attends the monthly meetings to liaise and enhance our links and communications.
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