In order to help business thrive in the Parish (and to help us all stream better entertainment!) we need a faster connection to the Internet. First off, please head over to this page and register with Virgin Media – they’re the only company who, realistically, will provide superfast broadband to us. BT OpenReach provide cable to the box. Virgin Media provide cable to your door. As the site explains, the more of us register an interest, the more likely they’ll bring their cabling vans to us…

Connecting Devon and Somerset Voucher Scheme

As a Parish, our broadband speed is on the slow side and the further you get from the green box at Knoll Hill, the worse it gets… If you are not yet able to receive broadband speeds of over 2Mbps you may be able to get connected through the CDS voucher scheme. The scheme will provide a subsidy of up to £500, in the form of a voucher code, to fund the installation of a new broadband connection. Most of the service providers that you can spend the voucher with are wireless, but one is fibre based.

The cost of running fibre to the parish will exceed £500 by quite some way. However, if enough of us are eligible for the £500 voucher and group together we just might be able to do it… So please could everyone do the following.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘TEST YOUR SPEED’(big picture of a stop watch on it).
  3. If your download speed is LESS THAN 2Mbps then fill in the form here
  4. Once you get your voucher code from CDS, let us know by emailing

If we don’t get enough vouchers to do something useful, then everyone with a voucher will still be able to choose a wireless solution from one of the CDS recommended suppliers – it just won’t be as fast as fibre!

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