THURSDAY at 7.30pm on 7th December 2017


Disclosure of Interest

8.0 Minutes of last meeting

Meeting to be suspended for Members of the Public to speak for 2 minutes on any relevant issue. Meeting to be resumed.

8.1 Planning.

Application No: 2017/2814/FUL. Restoration of 114 Acres of Grade 11 listed Park and Garden including Marston Pond, Thickthorn Wood, Orrey Wood, the Keeper’s Cottage and Boat House with enabling development to include 20 Lodges, Hub and Reception buildings. Change of use from agricultural to Hotel, Leisure and Recreation. Marston Pond, Thickthorn Wood and Horley Wood, Tuckmarsh Lane, Marston Bigot, BA11 5BY. Mr Charles Bonham Christie.

8.2 Past subject matters

  • Confirmation of Christmas arrangements.
  • Venue for the January meeting.

8.3 Correspondence and Emails

  • St Margaret’s Hospice – email/poster
  • Surviving Winter – poster
  • Connor Construction. Enforcement Officer reply – paper copy
  • PCSO report – paper copy
  • Parish Bulletin – email
  • MCT appeal – letter.

8.4 Accounts for Payment

8.5 Items to report

  • Highways/Speed Watch – updates
  • Village Hall
  • Broadband

8.6 Other Business referred to the Clerk

  • Notification of external audit arrangements 2017/18

All members of the Council are summoned to attend the meeting as detailed above to discuss and resolve the business on this Agenda.

For the attention of: Mr P Twigger, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mrs S Salmon, Rev’d A Steele, Mr J Symes, Mr D Valentine.
Cllr Ham Cllr Skidmore

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