FRIDAY 10 May 2019 at 7.30pm


PRESENT: Chris Galpin (CG), Rohan Masson-Taylor (RMT), Sheila Salmon (SS)

CLERK: Rachel Nield (RN)

APOLOGIES: Chris Kenyon (CK), Doug Valentine (DV)


Disclosure of Interest


  1. Election of Chairperson

CG proposed that the Council continued to rotate the chair and that SS be elected Chairman. RMT seconded this.

1.1 Minutes of last meeting

Under Finance at the last meeting, it was not minuted that TPC would apply for an exemption notice for the end of year account auditing. This is because the Parish monies are less than £25k. CG asked that this be noted. SS then signed the Minutes of the last meeting.

Meeting suspended for Members of the Public to speak for 2 minutes on any relevant issue.

No comments.

1.2 Parish Council Members

TPC has 2 member vacancies. Councillors considered options for co-opting members of the Parish. CG proposed that Charles Bonham Christie (CBC) be asked to rejoin the Council which was agreed unanimously.  The declaration was signed and CBC joined the meeting. Councillors agreed to consider another member of the Parish to fill the final vacancy.

1.3 Planning

  1. Application No: 2019/0908/LBC and 1.3.b) Application No: 2019/0907/HSE

Applicant: Mrs D Francis

Proposal: Internal and external alterations for ancillary residential use of stables

Location: Belle Vue Farm, Millards Hill, Trudoxhill, Frome, BA11 5DW

The proposal showed designs that intend a very sympathetic conversion to the building. Approval was given unanimously.

c)  Application No: 2019/0430/HSE

Applicant: Mr M Burke

Proposal: Remove existing porch and rebuild to existing specification

Location: Church of St Laurence, Main Frome Road to Foghamshire Lane, Trudoxhill, Frome, BA11 5D

The porch structure currently has supports in place. Councillors considered the application necessary and approval was given unanimously.

1.4 Past Subject Matters

1.4.1 The Public Sector Bodies (websites and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations. CG reported that Mats Olsson at Moson Solutions who supports the Trudoxhill website has submitted a detailed report identifying key areas for improvement. These will bring the website to the minimum standard required for compliance with the Accessibility Regulations which come into effect in September this year. Mats Olsson has quoted 15 hours work at a cost of £225. As he believes TPC has a public duty to be as inclusive as possible, CG proposed that that Moson Solutions be contracted to undertake the required improvements. After discussion, SS proposed that the detail of the work proposed be circulated to all councillors and a resolution taken at the next meeting.

1.4.2 Fundraising event (RMT)

RMT outlined 2 proposals for events in the Autumn. A cheese and wine event to be held at Marston House and a soup and pudding evening in the Village Hall. It is hoped that these will be well supported by the community and be opportunities for parishioners to get together and also to raise additional funds for the Parish. Working groups will be needed for each of these and it was agreed that the details be decided at the next meeting.

1.4.3 Highways (SS)

In addition to the end of year report that SS made in the Chairman’s Report, she explained that the issues regarding trucks at the Greggs Bakery outlet at Nunney Catch had been an ongoing issue this year. Councillors from both TPC and Nunney Catch had contacted various stakeholders including Highways and the planning department at MDC regarding a proposal for a restaurant and carwash at the site. We are awaiting the decision notice from the planning department.

SS passed on apologies from Bill and Pauline Stafford who were unable to attend but continue to implement the Speedwatch initiative. It is hoped that they will have additional support soon in the form of more volunteers.

1.5 Correspondence and Emails  

1.5.1 Notification of play area inspection in June for Trudoxhill Parish Council

DV will be meeting with before the inspection scheduled for June.

1.5.2 The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) 2019 Star Council Awards

This was circulated to all councillors.

1.5.3 Request from Wells Vineyard Church

A request from Wells Vineyard Church for additional storage and a donation had been circulated. Although a worthy cause, our funds are limited and it was agreed that Wells was outside the TPC area of responsibility.

1.5.4 Litter Pick 2019

A ‘thank you’ email and video about the national response to this had been shared.

1.5.5 The Department for Transport consultation on the vehicle operator licensing system 

It was agreed that this consultation is relevant primarily to local councils. RMT agreed to respond to the survey on behalf of TPC.

1.5.6 Mendip Councillor Essential Training

The latest training dates have been sent to councillors. It was agreed that additional training was not necessary at the current time.

1.5.7 Village Hall AGM

CG proposed that the Village Hall committee be supported more by TPC. This was agreed. Details to be decided at the next meeting.

1.6 Finance

1.6.1 Update on end of year accounts and Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).

CG was pleased to report that this is progressing well. Lucy Carter has audited and passed the accounts. As the Council monies are less than £25k, CG will apply for exemption from formal auditing. Section 1 and the Certificate of Exemption were signed by the Chairman and Clerk. This will be posted to the external auditors.

Patrick Twigger needs to be removed from the bank signatory list and signatories to be checked at the next meeting.

1.6.2 Accounts for payment

CG presented the following for payment:

  • £60                  Moson Solutions
  • £140.12           Clerk’s salary
  • £30                  SALC, Clerks’ essential training II
  • £100                K Gale, grass cutting
  • £30                  SALC, Clerks’ essential training III
  • £17.89             Maintenance

1.7 Clerk’s Report

RN reported that decision notices have been received as follows:

  • 2019/0730/AGR                Prior Approval is not Required
  • 2019/0390/FUL                 Planning Permission is Granted

RN thanked TPC for funding the essential training courses. The latest on Finance was very useful and she will be liaising with CG to take on the finance tasks in due course.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm after SS thanked Patrick Twigger for his long service and contribution to TPC as he stands down from the Council.

For the attention of: Mr C Bonham Christie, Mr C Galpin, Mr C Kenyon, Mr R Masson-Taylor, Mrs S Salmon, Mr D Valentine

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